Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 17

Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 17

These scanlators and translators got me again when this chapter came out pretty quick (either that, or school’s making my days go by faster). Anyways, short chapter so lets begin

Well we continue where we left off from last chapter. Which basically is Shiina appearing behind Yuri and Hinata and them trying, well thinking of trying to negotiate at least. Yuri gets the attention from Shiina and gets a blade drawn on her. Hinata tries to make a distraction for Yuri to escape but Yuri being the stubborn boss says she needs to face the enemy. However, she understands Hinata’s concern so she tells him to be more pervy to gain Shiina’s attention. Hinata does so and indeed, Shiina turns his way

Hinata tries to think of what to do now that he’s got her attention, he tries to stall her but immediately, his arm is chopped off


At this moment, Ooyama and Chaa finds Noda who tries to run away again. The two explain the situation and Noda is pissed as he knows that 2 people can’t handle Shiina alone. Noda gets more pissed as he finds Chaa here no protecting his “wife” but then hears that Yuri “reminds” him of his wife. Noda immediately rushes toward the opposite direction to help our duo

Hinata starts tanking for Yuri and tells her to run away (and heal). Yuri watches in complete shock as Hinata only has one limb remaining. Hinata gets even more brutal punishment by our silent “boss”. Yuri pulls off the old “scream the hero’s name” but before Hinata is finished off with strike to the head, he blanks out and finds Yuri carrying him. Yuri says that this is a withdrawal and that they need to get away fast.

However, Shiina being a ninja (I really wonder how she died…maybe she didn’t fall in love due to abusing people like this) shows up out of nowhere and stabs Yuri this time. Both of them fall down, but Yuri actually still has usable limbs and gets up.

Before we see anything, Hinata blanks out again and hears someone say “You having fun?”

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  1. Hey, guess what series I just got caught up on?

    I would never have guessed that the girl who once shouted out loud how cute a plushie was could be this cold and bloodthirsty. Was there some point where Shiina and Noda switch personalities?

    Also, I noticed that the next chapter was in the October issue, which means we’re about three chapters behind. I guess that’s why it feels like we’ve been getting them fast.

    • Maybe after being surrounded by shallow-minded people some absurdity rubbed off on her eh?

      Ah, that explains it, thnx for the info
      I hope this series goes past the light novel (which only covered after they subdued Shiina) and let us know how they got the other characters.

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