Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 8 Review

Sorry for the late post, Fate/Extra and Dark Souls literally took all of my time and a bunch of people were over here during the Thanksgiving Break

and on a note on Fate/Extra: CAASSSTERRRRR. That is all

Light promises he will get most of his posts done by today but iI highly doubt that.

Alright, lets get to it

Yes, theres Kobato and Maria again but I guess the second half will get most of your attention because it involves swimsuits, but only for a few minutes.

First off, uhh the animations were a little bit…low quality compared to the last episodes, so keep that in mind if some screencaps are little…meh

Summer heat is still radiating around the country and Kodaka has to put up with that while he goes shopping for food. He enviously passes by highschoolers who constantly chattering and chirping at eachother on what they should do with their young lives. But then again, who needs friends when you have a sister like Kobato who would even go as far as taking off her clothes when the character she was imitating did it on screen to transform? Well, that and the air conditioner is broken in the Hasegawa house.

Apparently Kodaka doesn’t really care (THAT BASTARD, meh, compared to the rest of the slobbering male casts in harems, he’s badass) But yes, Kobato finally decides to change out of her lolita clothes and wears normal clothes for once. Kodaka prepares to leave for the clubroom at school and asks if Kobato wants to tag along, and because of the heat, she follows. Cute scene with why Kobato won’t grow any taller or “bigger” since elementary school (eat yo onions girly)

Anyways at the club, Kodaka is greeted by Yukimura and Maria who for the past few days, has been eating in luxury (I wonder if she has ever heard the word “gluttony”) such as steak and sushi. Maria becomes really clingy and then Kobato walks in on this saying that Maria should go get fat so that “An-chan” woudln’t like her anymore.

Clingy imoutos, something I haven’t seen a lot before this series

Maria questions who Kobato is (obvious dress change) but then after finding out, they get into a small fight, which ends up with Kobato biting Maria. Maria in fear goes off screaming that she will become a vampire. Yozora being the manipulative girl she is, says that bathing in sunlight while wearing no cloths will fix the problem, promptly Maria runs out

Something I would like to ask as well

Sena takes an extreme liking to Kobato which scares her off and Rika tries to get in on this too. Yozora steps in with a flyswatter and beats their asses. Maria is running around naked around the campus while a considerably taller nun girl walks past her, I smell a new character.

Anyways, the crew discuss that theres nothing to do and Yozora seeing that Sena is just playing her game remarks that the girl Sena is talking in-game should go die. Sena defends the character and Yozora states that a shark should appear in the pool and kill some characters. Sena denies the possibility of character death but soon, a shark does indeed appear and kills a character. But after this, and after some talking, they come to the conclusion that they should go to the pool. Rika goes of listing what she should wear to get Kodaka get “hard”

Ah, highschool violence

So while Maria is being punished for her sins of showing her nakedness, the crew meet up but find a gigantic line going to the bus/train they were gonna take to get to the pool. Eventually they do get on their transport but Rika and Yozora being not so social are getting woozy. Kobato is stuck with Sena (and her goddamn ENORMOUS chest that I have just noticed how big they are) Kobato is scared due to large chest woman getting close on her.

Those are huuuge

They finally get in the pools but the enormous amounts of people are making Rika and Yozora a lot more queezy. Kobato, Sena, Yukimura, and Kodaka all get changed but the mass amount of people make it impossible to actually swim.

Quote of the season right there

While Yukimura and Kobato try to play, Sena and Kodaka talk and eventually they find out that Rika and Yozora are leaving.

The two follow them outside and see them leave by buys, and the 4 remaining members, decide that they should go home as well.

It was nice to see Kobato and Maria fight eachother. Is this series gonna have 24 eps or 12? Cause its 2/3 of the way done and it hasn’t made that much progress. Next episode seems to be Kodaka meeting Sena’s dad.

Sorry for lack of pics and the lateness…


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