Games and Figure Crazy

Games and Figure Crazy

(Caught Durarara on tv again, forgot how much I liked Shizuo’s character[but not as much as Anri!])

Lets talk about non-review stuff 😀

It’s been a while since I posted something on this..random topics. This post was supposed to be an update to the Author’s Corner entry but due to the pictures involved, I decided to move it to a post. This post will talk about what me and Light are going crazy about for the past few days.

Well it was kind of unusual for the both of us as we went crazy over the exact opposite of things we usually like. So uh Light how about you talk about what you have been doing in terms of what we’re talking about in detail to make up for your lack of posts. Take it away Light-





@ me bro.

Christmas has come early for me 😀

Yeyeye. And for anyone who happens to play Minecraft, 1.0.0 yayayayaya

So yep. I’m awaiting my two Japanese games and my PSP which should come around the first week of December… rage at slow shipping. I’ll hop on reviews tomorrow… probably… assuming I don’t have like some kind of Asian Thanksgiving or whatever. Back to you, hippiefreak.

I honestly expected that to be a lot longer. Anyways, in case you don’t understand Light’s concise style of writing it goes like this. Light’s been wanting to get a PSP for a while after I showed him some “interesting” games on the PC getting put onto the PSP. After we learned that PSP have their portable system exlcusive character, he probably sold, after he saw a friend at his school have one. Out of chance, one of my friends didn’t want to have his PSP and he sold his to me for 50 bucks which is a DAMN good deal. So Light got two games, one on the top being Tenshin Ranman (Happy Go Lucky) and the 2nd one, Mashiro Iro Symphony! featuring the PSP exclusive character Onomiya Yutsuki; and yes, the game above also has a exclusive character but I haven’t talked about that game because it isn’t an anime (and I seriously wish it was)

So Light, who usually buys figures, plushes, and merchandise finally buys games; and yours truly who only buys artwork and games…is crazy for figures…

So for the majority of my nerdy life, I didn’t really care for anime figurines. Game figurines I didn’t mind, mostly because the ones I have don’t really need to be cute or sexay (I have a Helghan Sniper and Cole from inFamous, I really want a Dark Souls figure though[Smough and Ornstein please or even Nito]). During Anime Central 2011 (yes, me and Light were there and we probably will show up next year too. Locate us…and we promise you nothing!) Light, after buying 4 K-On plushes, a IS mug, two Miku plushes, want to top off his buying spree by getting Oreimo figures. I had extra money on me and so we decided to buy 2. Kirino for Light, Kuroneko for me, but due to my self conscience regarding those types of things in me room, it’s at Light’s house. So I guess that sparked my little love for figures. So heres a bunch of figures that piqued by interest

Pics are from their respective sites

To clear things up, I only want ONE figure if I show of set of them(good god, this alone would be 300 bucks). In this case, this is Tamaki Kousaka from To Heart 2. She’s the “older sister” type figure to the main character and thus, is extremely hot and playful. As you can see here, I’m torn between which color (seriously, I cannot believe I am so worked up about this). Anyways, hot, awesome, expensive, lets move on. (preference: Black color scheme)

This is Kusugawa Sasara from the same series as Tamaki up there. Thankfully I don’t have to choose between one color or the other (I already chose this one, I always like dark colors). Anyways, she’s the average, cold hearted character who doesn’t want to be friends with a lot of people but of course, our main character would befriend her. Why is she in a samurai outfit? I don’t know, probably because I liked traditional wear?

CHARLOTTE, enough said. I literally just remembered how cute she is, NOW WHERE THE HELL IS A LAURA FIGURE?!

EDIT: That’s moar like it

I would want all of those except Hina in a maid outfit, she’s not that type in my opinion. Apparently with these two being the past 2 winners in the popularity poll, it was obvious that they would gain some figures. Not much to say about these girls, if you do want to hear about them, read the Top HnG character’s post, or just this: Maria has the “older sister” feel and beautiful, Hinagiku is dedicated and FREAKIN’ cute

Say hi to Sei from Koihime Musou, a sub-par anime and game that is a more or less insane-take on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. Sei just strikes me as a character, no idea why. She’s a pretty “suspicious” character as she is obessed with putting on a butterflymask and go be a vigilante. I don’t know, she’s strange but I like her. Out of all the figures, I probably want this the most

Remember that horrid anime Omamori Himari? Well if you do, I’m sorry for reminding you. Omamori Himari was a pretty good manga (in terms of service) but it had a REALLY bad main character. Is there a harem lead where he actually embraces his good fate and tries to become a bit stronger? Manga good, anime bad, mostly in terms of art design, Himari just looked…I just don’t know, something was off about her and I prefer the manger version 100%

What? Don’t look at me like that…A guy can’t be indecisive? Fine call me wierd, but yeah, if there are more colors involved, the more money I’m talking about losing here. Anyways, this is Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series. I personally have never played a DOA game in my life, but I have heard a lot about the franchise (along with the less reputable xtreme beach volleyball games). Kasumi is probably the main girl in the series and for some reason, I didn’t like how she looked in the games but I still thought that her character had potential. Lo and behold, the internet was full of savoury stuff. I like her character too much to decide just ONE to get, when honestly, I want them alllllll~~~

Shiranui Mai from King of Fighters. She needs no introduction. Any kid who visited an arcade in the mid-late 90’s and played fighting games could instantly recognize this character. Seriously, who couldn’t remember or even forget this kind of character who fights people in that outfit.

Caster from Fate/Extra. She’s just so damn cute.

Fatima, Luminous Arc 2…..can you believe she’s 15?

Ran from Touhou



I couldn’t resist

List of Figs I’m hunting

  • Kotegawa Yui (preferably in her ninja outfit 😀 )
  • Yuu from Zombie
  • Laura from IS
  • Nagasarete Airantou?
  • Touhou (Cause they exist, but I’m looking for the right one)
  • Sion Eltnam Atlasia (can’t find a good one)

Top Five

  1. Chouun
  2. Kasumi
  3. Tamaki
  4. Himari
  5. Deciding

I am dissapoint with myself because I can’t remember characters I really like…or did I get em all here…anyways, this post will probably be updated as my list of figures so if you’re ever wonderin, come back 😀

Look at us with wierd faces

Or with a look of approval

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    • Somehow how i forgot how awesome Charlotte was…maybe it was becauase of the main character who couldnt get an idea.
      Meh, still want me a Laura

  1. tbh, even though I love Charlotte (plan on putting up a tribute/gallery piece one of these days), I don’t like that figure. at all. why isn’t she wearing her orange swimsuit? the houki and charlotte beach queens are wearing the swimsuits they wore in the series, why not charlotte? i know i am definitely getting the alter charlotte though. she looks amazing! for what it’s worth, I have a mfc account

    • Yeah, there’s something about that particular Charlotte figure. I’ve been scouring around a little and I strangely want a uniformed version of her, I love the uniforms in IS.

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