Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 16 Review

Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 16 Review

This release was rather quick in my opinion, but I guess thats just me

The chapter focuses on Noda but not too much as I actually wanted. Now that I think of it, I haven’t really gotten Ooyama’s backstory either. Anyway, the group is faced with an idiot with a dangerous weapon so they might as well see how adept he is with it. Chaa hurls Ooyama to the halberd’s edge and deals considerable damage to him. Either way, Chaa grabs on to Noda and Yuri is able to convince over that they (or rather she) is his ally. Noda says that there is a “boss” at the end of the tunnel waiting for someone.

So Noda, without too much trouble, is now a new part of the group, happy happy. While traversing through the tunnels, Noda seems to not understand that he’s in fact, DEAD. Then Noda learns that he’s not the main lead (strange why they are talking in RPG vocabulary in the first place) and he runs away, scared by the fact that Chaa is pretty close (spiritually) to Yuri than he is.

Hinata goes off saying that Yuri should be more considerate as their leader but Yuri also points that he has been kinda louder after Chaa came into the picture. The group decides to rest for a bit and we hear Hinata’s mind going off. He senses that he feels jealous of Chaa because he took over his main leading role. Hinata decides that they need all the manpower to fight the boss and that they need Noda’s idiotic strength. Chaa says that he and Yuri should go and fight teh boss, while Ooyama and Hinata go looking for Noda. Hinata says that Chaa and he should go fight the boss because they are stronger of the team.

Yuri however finds that a bad plan because the leader should be the one taking the glory so the plan changes to Hinata and Yuri going after the boss while Ooyama and Chaa go looking for the idiot.

Yuri doubts Hinata’s “strength” cause the only thing he did was fall off the rooftops multiple times. But Hinata vows to protect like a regular shounen hero would say. Yuri then gives him the windmill she made earlier and tells him to protect that as well. They find a large ladder leading down and they get to the bottom of a spacious area.

So, they find the boss (ITS SHIIIIINAAAAAAA) and she says her trademark phrase. But the duo was expecting a long, final boss speech. While they are chattering, Shiina reappears right behind them…

End of Chap

We need backgrounds, NOW

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  1. been meaning to pick this up. can’t get enough angel beats. i read your second thoughts, and while i love the series, i wish they did focus on the rich cast they had. ep 3 was one of my favorites as well. i think that since it was an original series, maeda from key didn’t want to risk dragging it on

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