Mashiroiro Symphony Episode 3-4 Review



On another note: Memes

And with that, let’s begin!

So these will be short summaries of each episode…

Pictures below the reviews. First 10 pictures up to and excluding cabbage picture are episode 3, rest are episode 4.

Episode 3:

Shingo b worried cuz he so nOOb at being class rep and Airi so boss. She rage at him cuz he so nOOb and kick his @ss. Not really. Smooth Shingo attempts to get Slippery Sena in be– I mean, to pimp out with him, but she like, O HELLLL NO. NO ME TOQUES, PUTA. -Airi exit- Later, when he finally finish his shit (work), nOOb see Pannya n’ ends up following it to a house-shed-thing with Miu inside, wondering which Shingo would like first: dinner or a bath. Loljk. It’s the Nuko Club, where injured animals are taken care of before being released back into the wild. Miu asks Shingo to join, but his reply isn’t very clear (since he won’t officially join until episode 6).

Throughout the next couple days, Shingo gets used to being duh rep and gets more ninja at doing his job. One day, Sena has to leave early, and Shingo offers to do the work for her. This kid. Anyway, there’s bickering and stuff, you know, the common courtesies: “OH NO I CAN’T HAVE YOU DO THIS FOR ME” “YES YOU CAN” “NOOOOOOO” “YESSSS” “THAT’D BE WRONG OF ME” “ALL RIGHT, YOU CAN PAY ME BACK WITH YOUR BODY”. Oh wait, is this not right? Meh, whatever. So Shingo will do the rest of the work for today, if in exchange Airi will ‘tutor’ him (and we all know what that means~) for the upcoming tests. Sena accepts.

When Shingo is done, all his concubines are waiting outside for him, and the group goes to the local supermarket to get some food. Shingo goes off by himself and turns the corner, and of course, there’s Airi, attempting to get the best of both sales…? <– Idk, that one just didn’t play out.



Episode 4:

GASP OMG AIRI SHOPPING FOR SALES? HER LIFE IS OVERRRRRRR. So anyway, Sena has been lived alone upon entering Yuijo, and thus does not have enough to spend on necessary expenses like food… so Airi often eats just cabbage for lunch (which is why she doesn’t like eating with others). On the way back, Shingo and his sammich-makers stop by Airi’s and eat dinner together. Sena wants to act all tough (i.e., keep her current rep), and so she asks everyone to keep quiet about her living conditions.

The following day, everyone eats lunch together. Even Airi. She keeps her word and helps Shingo study for his tests; except it’s not only Shingo that needs to study, Sakuno, Angelina, Miu, and Sana all come along to PARTEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY. The overall effect of the study session is that Airi makes some friends. Isn’t that surprising? After the tests are done, Shingo gets a decent grade. Sena and Shingo take a walk and have a nice long talking about some random philosophical crap. I’m always laughing because shit won’t get worse if I do. COOL STORY BRO. Airi is like omg he so handsome and begins to call him without honorifics. Shingo does the same.


See you then~


5 and 6 to come later.

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