Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6 Review

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6 Review

First of the many reviews to come, lets get this one out of the way

Episode starts off with a flashback. Kodaka is informed by his father that they will be moving. Later, Kodaka tells his (painfully obvious who it is) “friend” that he has something very important to tell him. His friend also replies that he has got a something Kodaka must hear as well and the two decide to meet at their meeting place tomorrow.

 However, Kodaka’s friend never showed up. We come back to present day as Kodaka wakes up…with Kobato right next to him.

In the clubroom, it seems that this is their last day before summer break (Summer break is like Winter break in America, its kinda short). Yozora, stating the obvious restates the purpose of their club, which if you forgot, IS TO MAKE FRIENDS (i thought they would make friends with eachother, not with other people who aren’t in the club…) However, everyone just hung around the clubroom playing games. While Kodaka is going about saying that his reputation got worse with him joining the club, Sena out of blue asks if anyone went to the karaoke. Kodaka answers that he had friends back then and he had indeed went singing. Yozora, being the bold girl who fears nothing says that she and her imaginary friend have gone plenty of times. With the exception of those two, no one else actually went.


Sena goes off ranting that she never went to one and she says that it is a commoner’s pastime

However, everyone else starts to organize a little play date with everyone going to the karaoke bar. Sena however tries to join them in their little meet up. But Yozora being the good “friend” she is plays with Sena’s mind for a bit.

Making Sena eventually shout out that she wanted to go with them on their karaoke trip. But of course, she trolls her some more refusing to take her with them. Sena runs out

We skip scenes and we really get a sense how luxurious Sena’s life is. While telling one of her maids that her singing will make Kodaka and Yozora bow down to her, Sena’s dad hears Kodaka’s name and gets (hit) stunned for a sec

Something tells me that I saw this guy before

We meet up with the rest of the crew. Kodaka, Yozora, and Sena seem to be the only ones who are wearing casual clothing while everyone else wears the same clothes they wear at school. 

We also see a small scene where they four describe what time they got here and Kodaka quizes Kobato’s knowledge with math.  Our crew (minus Maria) heads on over to the karaoke bar and passes a small park with kids. Kodaka hears the name “Taka” and he gets a little (hit) stunned too. They crew arrives at the bar but to Yozora’s suprise, they have to pay for everyone for just one room.

Oh yeah, Kobato solves that math problem

Note: thats Kobato talking, unfortunetly, we don’t get to hear Kana sing.

Eventually Sena and Yozora devise a plan to buy rooms individually. However, Kodaka, being the ladies man, pays for four (Himself, Kobato, Rika, and Yukimura). But gets shocked when Kodaka buys everyone rooms Kodaka apparently happens to be a boss at singing and the songs moves down to Rika, Yukimura, and Kobaato and they all happen to be good singers.

Thats some singing party going on

Yozora and Sena sit like losers in their single rooms. But they coincedentally start singing the same song but the two seem to have something for Kodaka (how expected)

After much hours of singing, Kobato falls asleep and is carried out by Kodaka. Sena and Yozora had apparently fought against eachother by the scoreboards.  Yozora says that club meetings will still happen and that they will meet next monday.

The two keep on fighting while the rest of the crew head on back to the station. Yozora and Sena’s fighting caused quite a staredown for the two and Sena runs off.  While walking to the station, Kodaka thanks Yozora for making this month quite an entertaining one. Sena runs back to the crew to inform that her dad was wanting to meet Kodaka and because it was summer, he could feel free to visit him anytime.

Of course, Yozora is between all this and asks why Sena’s dad would have something to talk to Kodaka about. Kodaka tries to explain but Sena takes advantage of this situation and calls it a secret.

Which ticks off Yozora a teeny bit. Kodaka’s real reason behind agreeing to call it a secret being that her dad was the one who allowed him to transfer to their school. Sena runs off and Yozora stays behind for a bit to reconcile what she just heard. Right outisde the park where Kodaka stood for a second hours before.

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  1. I really wanted to hear Kobata sing, guess I’ll have to wait for a character insert or something…
    Anyone else not surprised Sena and Yozora picked the same song? And then started competing against each other on it.

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