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Aside from weekly reviews and weekly music posts, I haven’t done a lot of series reviews lately due  to schoolwork and recently, the flu.  Like the first week from this blog’s first steps out to the light, this post will preview what series reviews (aside from the series reviews that will follow after a few series ends, and yes some series reviews will come later rather than sooner) I will be conducting. Most of these can be classified as “classics”

Stein’s Gate

I kept saying I would review this, but I time. No small talk needed here


I first saw FLCL during one of my family vacations. We went down to a small cabin (chocked with good food, good tv, fireplace, even a damn hot tub) and Me and my brother turned the TV on and we first witnessed FLCL. One of the shortest and greatest series that I have come to watch. The very concise and random way of telling a story of being an adult doesn’t come as wild as this. The characters: wild, the setting: crazy, the story: Out the window like a jet.  It’s one hell of a crazy ride, but it’s a ride worth taking. Because of how short this is, I will probably cover this first.


I recently watched this series and honestly forgot how i found these series. Theres not much to say about Genshiken other than it’s a story about otaku’s doing otaku things. The amount of realism is almost staggering. Watch what happens when a non-otaku girl has to hang around a bunch of otaku’s for the sake of trying to pry her otaku boyfriend out of their level.

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

I reading this just now. My brother raved about the series’ opening theme. I admit, only after 4 years do I understand him why this series is awesome. GTO shows that  “To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them”. Onizuka does exactly that. He’s truly still a gangster but with the modern youth, he’s no different and that makes all the difference in relating his life to theirs.

Eureka 7

I love the songs, but i never watched the damn thing. My brother (who rarely watches anime anymore) actually recommended it to me. Thing is, i never liked mecha anime too well. But then again, Mecha anime like Code Geass was entertaining enough I suppose.  I don’t know, as cool as mechs are, I feel that in a realistic point of view, they would just be huge waste of money, it would just a huge target to gun done..Anyways, I’m going to finally give this thing a try

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