Majikoi Episode 1-4 Summary/Review

Majikoi Episode 1-4 Summary/Review

Jeez, it’s been a while. Guess who got through his hell week of 12 tests and quizzes~

That’s right, I did. What now.

K ANYWAY, my bad for not posting lately. Been busy with homework and learning Japanese so I don’t need translations to erog–

So this marks the beginning of episode 1’s summary.

So the introduction begins with some chicks moaning as they– owait. That’s not right? They’re actually just tired and not moaning? Well, we just found out about this today. So we’ll do our due research on this topic. But still, they were moaning. (Reference to a dumbass named Rush Limbaugh and him talking about the LRA). 

Either way, some girls are panting in the woods; meanwhile, outside of the woods, a bunch of random students on red and blue teams charge each other. 

This is Kawakami Academy, where students use martial arts and fuck gravity in order to beat the shit out of each other whenever they have a small disagreement.

At the moment, Classes S and F are fighting against each other, and of course, we can’t have any protagonists be in the smart class. So instead, we have a bunch of little sluts.

Their names are: (Red hair) Kawakami Kazuko, (Blonde hair) Christiane Friedrich/Chris, (HOT Purple hair) Shiina Miyako, (Cute Black hair) Mayuzumi Yukie, (startegist and main character) Yamato, and (Ugly Black hair) “One of the Big Four” Kawakami Momoyo.

Andd a bunch of side characters like “The Captain” who don’t really matter much.

To put it short, Class F says, “Fuck you gravity” and owns Class S. By the way, Yamato gets rejected by Momoyo. For the second time.

Best pic to describe Episode 1:


Apparently episode 2.

From now on, every episode begins with a super sexy scene! Of Miyako! Yayyy~ Love love ❤ Uncensored please.

Miyako sneaks into Yamato’s bed:

This is the reason I watch this show, ladies and gentlemen.

So this episode is about how Yamato wins his crew 144 meal tickets by finding a dog… Yep. The Captain is stuck somewhere with a flat tire and so he can’t help the group look for the dog. The gang tries to catch the dog, but it’s trained in martial arts so… they fail. Until the Captain shows up in the very last part of the episode and just happens to have caught him.

So back to the middle of the episode, the group stumble upon a warehouse full of illegal weapons. Some men come and try to kill the crew, but to no avail cuz these chicks defy the laws of physics. It’s like a bad Wanted remake. Anyway, some ninjas show up and fight the group, using the Kawakami style. The chicks are like wtf?

Swinging a minigun around…

The ninjas leave quickly, however, and throw some kind of grenade. And the end result:

That’s about all you need to know for episode 2.

Here’s episode 3!

So this episode begins with:

Wow. I’d buy that game.

This episode is about how Miyako attempts to make Yamato fall for her with the help of the crew’s robot. It tells about how Miyako joined the group, which was through her getting bullied and Yamato helping her (after a while). As to why Yamato doesn’t accept Miyako’s feelings, he claims not not deserve the right.

Here’s a useful trick:

And Yamato being a boss:

Afterwards, the second half of the episode is about Mayu. Basically she’s talking to her paper horse thing Matsukaze in the bath about Yamato and how she loves him. It’s also about how they met, which is Mayu hurrying to school and bumping into Yamato.

And what she plans to do to win Yamato: NAKED APRON?

Oh. Anyway, the end of the episode = exchanging pleasantries between Mayu and Yamato. And Mayu hopes every day can be ‘just as great’ as this one.

End of episode 3.

Here’s episode 4!

K so basically. Yamato’s in the bath, Miyako takes his clothes and begins sniffing and moaning to them. Yamato teleports right next to her and tells her to gtfo. And what happens is:

Then Yamato has another fateful encounter; with Chris this time.

Blah, blah, they begin talking about Japanese culture and honor, etc. No disrespect or anything, but it was mainly bullcrap so you know. Anyway, the wrapped sushi part is hilarious.

And here Chris yells: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKAAA! And makes the earth tremble in fear.

The final bit of the episode focuses on Kazuko, who is like a dog (she runs to Yamato when he blows a dog whistle). Momoyo pwns someone. Yamato goes for a ride on the tire that Kazuko is pulling. They talk about family. This is getting redundant.

Kazuko and Yamato talk about how great it is to have an addition to the family, and Kazuko says that it would be great if Momoyo and Yamato married since she’d get a new family member. Yamato, smooth as ever, says that he could just marry Kazuko if she wanted another member instead. And of course, Kazuko gets embarrased. That’s about it.


See you later~

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    • haven’t seen a lot of eroge-adapted animes do that. They usually go for the main love interest (in this case Momoyo) and unless they pull a Yosuga no Sora, I’m not currently holding my breath

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