Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 4 Review

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 4 Review

Had a busy ass week, had a bunch of work and I had to pull off two all nighters, plus I got some extra work and some complicated materials to complete.

Well Imma do this pretty quickly, and hopefully it  doesn’t look different than other posts.  Light’s back and he will be reviewing Mashiro iro and MajiKoi, Imma try to do this one today, and do a double review tomorrow, I want to get a start on my work

Anyways, the episode starts off with the girl with the labcoat and glasses whom we have seen in the opening finally makes an appearance, but not yet.  She opens the door to a lab and we skip scenes to Kodaka walking down the hall, everyone eyeing him.  He turns around, aaand everyone’s gone, I wish i had that kind of aura.

This time, instead of finding Yozora reading, Sena playing games, or both of them fighting, he instead finds a small girl in a nun’s outfit sleeping on the couch. He tries to wake her up and then out of the blue his two “friends” walk in, with Yozora taking a picture of what she witnessed.  The girl wakes up and is suprised to see Yozora for some reason.  Yozora introduces her “friends” (and us) to Takayama Maria (age 10) a nun and a “Teacher” depsite being reallly short.  She was apparently the club’s moderator.  She says that Yozora informed her that is was sin not to become a moderator.  Maria rejects her position.  Yozora, being the smarty, uses reverse psychology to make her an obediant slave and moderator of the club and leaves to get some snacks.

Dat Fang

With that over with, Kodaka mentions something else of interest, he says that he’s getting stalked. Sena laughs  stating that something like the act of stalking is usually out of love, and who in their right minds would love a blonde japanese dude raight? Anyways, Yozora trying to be a friend, or an ass, decides to help him root out his “stalker”.  Right as theyy walk down the school fields, they get “wierd” glares which the girls note out.  Kodaka yells that a “shifty” look is different than a “scared” look.  The two give up their search while Kodaka continues.

Later that evening, he gets the feeling again and quickly turns corners and waits for his stalker.  He finally catches (more like bumps) into her…or is it a him?

Nonetheless, Kodaka brings his stalker to the clubroom and our friend is introduced

Meet Kusonoki Yukimura.  A GUY who wants to become as manly as Kodaka.  He states that he is always harassed by the other boys and is shunned because of his feminity.  Yozora makes a comment on being a bully (while a few minutes ago she enslaved a 10-year old nun) as Kodaka notes on HER behaviour but she gets angry and yells to say that she isn’t one of those bullies. 

Sena decides to break the ice and ask why Yukimura wants to follow Kodaka around. He wishes to  follow Kodaka so maybe someday, he learn to be manly.  He states that Kodaka’s lives the life of a Atheistic (not god no masters will), surrounded by women, and having nothing stand in his way

For those of you who haven’t paid attention to your Chinese history on the Three Kingdoms or simply has NOT played Dynasty Warriors, Dong Zhou was a tyrant and was subsequently killed later on by his most powerful officer.

Anyways Yozora allows him to join while it is obvious that guys mistake as a girl and really wasn’t bullying him.  The next day, Yukimura shows up with Kodaka with lunch and a gangster manga.  Kodaka relunctantly accepts and people spread rumors of him enslaving another person.  Yukimura also calls him Aniki (big bro).

Later, Kodaka walks past a room and hears glassbreaking and a thud.  He finds a girl in the labcoat and gets her out of there.  Later she reappears in his classroom and introduces herself (she speaks in the third person) and also wants to give her his gratitude. 

 Her name is Shiguma Rika and she says that if Kodaka had not saved her, she would have been raped by desperate men,

Oh god…that face…

and she goes on a perv curve and tells that she enjoys seeing rape in the books she reads.  The class gets scared and Kodaka runs away with Rika.  They decide to have a talk.  Rika says that she seriously wants to pay him back and offers to dye his hair.  Only to have Kodaka tell her that the color of his hair is a momento of his english mother and does not wish to do anything to it.  Anyways, she plucks a bit of his hair then decides to leave.  The two say goodbye and Rika mentions

Kodaka is fazed but then returns to classes and later, the clubroom.

There he finds Yukimura in a maid outfit

and gets told by Yozora that Rika is a technological genius and was able to skip classes to program other shit.  While Sena claims that she should have a personal room, Rika walks through the door.  Apparently she got the message in Yozora’s flyer and decided to join.  She also decides to share her views on her hobby, reading gay/rape doujinshi’s.

Sweet Jesus what is this…

After a painful scene of her imitating manly, robot voices (with a huge ammounts of innuendo) Then she asks “the” question

Everyone, is shocked (even Yukimura and he even says his heart feels prickly, fujoshi’s rejoice) and other two girls go tsundere.  Yozora is shocked the most as Rika tries to explain the concept of a “f*ck-buddy” and she gets even more pissed when Rika mentions that it is impossible for a girl and a guy to have a “normal” friendship (moar background revealed).  Episode ends off there 😀

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  1. I’m so glad to see Rika finally show up.

    I do wish this episode didn’t feel as rushed, but I suppose it’s for the best if it means we get the whole cast together.

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