Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 2-3 Review

Because of my delay and the number of tests I had this week, I couldn’t really bring anything to the table.  But even with the large amount of homework I am plagued with, Let me get this monster out of the way

Well without further excuses let’s get on with this:

Kodaka gets yelled at because he keeps forgetting to call his new “friends” by their first names.  Yozora adamantly states that games will bring people closer together.  Yozora pulls out a PSP and declares that her new “friends” should get a PSP and a copy of Monster Hunter.  So we skip top the beginning of next week, and everyone had a chance to play a few hours and get some familiarity to the game. 

I challenge thine to a game of MvC3

While Kodaka and Yozora are stuck at low levels, Sena happens to be at the highest rank available.  Yozora quickly identifies bags unders Sena’s eyes and she happened to have played the game for 53 hours.  Nonetheless the three get to playing

Yozora has hot armor, Sena has cute armor (whats with her and butterflies?),

Kodaka has noob scrub armor with the name Hawk (Dragon Age 2 reference? You decide) To make a long story short, Yozora and Sena start killing eachother while Kodaka gets mobbed, mines for material, and gets in more trouble.  After their session, they complain about recent multiplayer games, a complete shift from their starting attitude. 

After Kodaka’s attempt to play some games with his scared classmates we skip to the next day

Sena apparently is trying to set up a console to play a dating sim.  Sena states that this sort of game will help them approach other people. 


Naice one Yozora

The three have a small feud in trying to create a name for their starting character and Kodaka starts raging because the main character already has friends.  Playing the game, they completelt ignore the “main” heroine and instead goes for the smarty girl with glasses.  They are successful in making a relationship, but due to how they abused the main heroine, she leaves our trio, much to the overreacted cries of Sena.  However, Yozora and Sena still agree on one thing, they should not make friends with the main girl. 

The next day, Sena approaches Kodaka (or rather, she beckons him) and tells him to play the game they had played yesterday.  Apparently Sena has completed all the routes in the game in the span of one day and managed to know all the character’s backgrounds

Episode ends off here but fear not, theres one more! 

Sena has recieved a new nickname, MEAT

Kodaka and Yozora walk in their club room to start off episode 3.  They already see Sena engrossed in yet another game, this time on the PC.  Sena is blocked off from reality and Yozora unplugs the headset aaand

She’s playing and H-Scene! and the sounds of the passionate action echoes through the chapel…

Sena tries to defend her game and the rich story of passionate-hot love the scene she’s playing.  Apparently the two characters went through hell and back and this is the final deal.  She also explains that she got the game from one of her minions and didn’t know it contained this material.  Even so, Yozora starts raging and calls her a bunch of suggestive names 😀

Sena defends the game as “art” then Yozora challenges her to read it out loud.  She says that if it is a piece of art with no vulgar meaning then itshould be simple


In turn Yozora would read some of her forms of art.  Sena does indeed reads aloud the hilariously dirty scene and runs off in embarassment, Yozora in turn reads some poetry.

Its Oreimo all over again.

Kodaka returns home to his little sister who is now formally introduced as Hasegawa Kobato (AND SHES VOICED BY KANAAA) She is currently addicted to watching an anime series and she dresses and speaks like the main character.  While having dinner, theres a cute scene where she shows the cute side to her. 

 She asks Kodaka why the food quality has gone done, to which he answers that his club meetings have drained his time.  

She asks him what matters to him more, her or his club.  I admittely said “taht bastard” when he said he values his club more than his little sister. 

Anyways we skip to tomorrow and we find only Sena in the clubroom.  Yozora has gone out to buy a book and Sena is enjoying herself with yet another game.  Out of the blue, Sena asks Kodaka if he can swim.  Because of the game she is curently playing, Sena is now wants to learn how to swim to in order to relate to a fictional character (oh the irony).  Kodaka agrees to teacher her and they decide to meet up at the local swimming hole in a few days and she asserts to him that he cannot tell Yozora what’s going on.  Oh yeah, we share a little calm moment with Yozora and Kodaka.  We move on to our meeting with Sena.  The two meet, get on the bus and off to the swimming pool.  Sena apparently has more skill in swimming than she initially thought. 

Kodaka and Sena eat lunch. Kodaka is reminded that Sena is the daughter of the board chairmen and he says that he should go in and say hi to him once in a while.  Sena is taken aback, usually because that action is usually done when people date, it was cute :D.  They also talk about Sena’s responding the word “meat” and Sena apparently is happy that she got a nickname

 Kodaka goes to the bathroom and when gets out, he finds Sena being hit on by 3 guys.  Instead of playing it cool, Sena turns the situation to 10 and starts berating them with insults and their un-worthiness.  However, the three guys notice her legs, and they happen to be shaking.  They make a move, but Kodaka being the complete yankee he is, steps up and just flips up his hair and says a few words to drive them back.  Sena is pleased, and starts commenting on the fleeing ruffians and Kodaka decides its his turn to do more talking. 

 Sena either out of fear or respect (probably both) complies to his request of not being a bitch.  After their bus ride, Sena with a smile, says that they should hang out a little more.  Sena has gained a huuge points in friendmaking

Tis’ a good day

Back at home Kodaka reminicses about his childhood and the kids beating him up for it.  Whilst in thought Kobato comes in screaming and naked to inform her “An-chan” that the bath waters gone cold. 

Kodaka (unlike other aniem guys) stays cool and continues his flashback.  Apparently a black haired child intervened during one of his beatings.  He starts fighting the kid who saves him saying that he isn’t a weakling.  The two start fighting eachother and the guys bullying them ends up in the fight too.  The two become fast friends and the intervener’s says that he doesn’t need to make 100 friends, rather a few friends he cares about 100 times more.  Kodaka awakes from his daydream session in the clubroom and utters that quote.

Epic Foreshadowing

But the moment is shortlived as Yozora quickly takes back her comments and goes back to reading.  Kodaka decides to go home and steps out.  Kodaka wonders where his old friend is (she was with him all this time)

Thats all! I think Kodaka’s harem grows next week! and naturally, I want MOAR

 Sorry for being late!

4 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 2-3 Review”

    1. Sena is still on the top, but can’t say i’m not anxious to meet the rest of the girls!

      Personally, I want a Kobato 😀

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