The IDOLM@STER Episode 15 Review

The IDOLM@STER Episode 15 Review

First off I want to apologize for my absence last weekend, I was horribley sick with excruciating headaches but I’m fine now

Honestly, I think I’m expecting way to much from this series.. Going off in random tangents from the main story (which was ambiguous from the start) doesn’t feel right with me, so I guess I would be lying when I say I’m not particularly overjoyed to review a each episode, we have 11 more to go

This week was actually pretty demanding for me, tests and quizes flying off everywhere but the main bulk of it has been weathered, and I made it through just fine, with a few dissapointments, but nothing official just yet

You know what? Every artist/writer has to pull a Deus Ex Machina sometime right? Time to do a new form of reviewing:

As you know, I do episodic reviews in a fashion of going through the entire episode while Light follows the same fashion only that he loooves taking pictures and sometimes to picture infested reviews.  So my original style is more of a coverage than an ACTUAL review.  But for this kind of series where I don’t really need to cover something in order for you guys to understand (basically stuff without a straightlaced plot line) I will just give my thoughts and ideas on the episode itself and of course: pictures.

So let me shut up about ME and tell you the life of 11-12 fictional girls whom you watch every week on thursday

Cute girls doing cute things, somewhere along that line, I SOMEHOW lost interests in seeing girls doing completely nothing.  I guess I watched too much highschool series that I normally expect cliche moment number 1 here and number 2 over there by the corner of the hallways. 

So from what I see, it’s random crap going on everyyywhere.  Our crew apparently has a news show after their positive reception from the last episodes.  We see Chihaya , Miki, and Haruka being the hostesses while all the other girls are doing something that makes even less sense.  Hibiki is running, Takane and the Twins are in an eating contest, Makoto is trying to look girlyand then later looks manly, then theres mechs and witches, i don’t know

It’s more of a leisure time watch rather than looking for some story

Hey you get the characters you like, so it does what it has too

Sorry for bailing out 😀

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