Fall Anime 2011 Preview and First Impressions

Heres the chart of reference, and the ones i will take a little interest in will be written below.  Unless someone convinces me otherwise to watch a another series, this is what got my attention, yes there a few in this list i won’t watch.  Once again, info like synopsis and the other important stuff are in the chart.  You know what isn’t in the chart? my thoughts, and they are below.

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But first the ones that didn’t get grab my attention, summed in words that convey my feelings and opinions

  • Battle Spirit Heroes: Ahaha, no
  • Cross Fight B-Daman: Ye-NO
  • Hunter X Hunter: Heard good things, I never really liked the series in general, didn’t watch the first season, won’t change for this one
  • Chihayafuru: It’s a shoujo! And i’m a guy who goes to a school full of guys (SAVE ME!)! pass
  • Mobile Suit Gundamn AGE: I should really start watching Eureka..
  • Un-Go: I don’t quite fancy mystery series.
  • Ika Musume: I am pretty sure Ika Musume grabbed your attention a few months back, it failed to do so for me…no idea why.  So no
  • Working!!: I ain’t the biggest fan of light hearted series, pass.
  • Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle: Meh, I just don’t find it appealing, or im just getting tired.
  • Fujilog: This is an anime?
  • Last Exile: Hmmmm….I have no idea whats gonna happen.  As beautiful the sky is, i probably won’t watch this due to the majority of stuff thats out this season. MAYBE
  • Sekai Itchi Hatsukoi: THIS IS MY REACTION!
  • Tayamura Hitose: It’s so carefree, i might watch it later in the season like i did with Ikoku Meiro
  • Mirai Nikki: Interesting stuff you got there, and a creepyass girl to boot, i’m not so sure about this one.
  • Kimi to Boku: Anime about 4 guys eh? I really don’t need to see it because thats my school life right now, in a school full of guys…
  • Lupin III: I thought they would improve on the visuals to make a new series, looks like i was wrong.  But it’s hard to see such a series like this nowadays.  I wonder WHY they couldn’t have improved the audio and picture quality though.  I might watch it..
  • Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Big chests, tight clothing, yeah, I’ve grown past that stage.
  • Maken Ki: It’s like Ikkitousen and Sekirei, both of which I didn’t enjoy
  • Ben-To: Fighting over some food, where are they? a city in a isolated city? Can’t they take cooking classes?

So lets get started on the ones that GOT my attention and my thoughts

Busou Shinki Moon Angels

You know, if the damn girls were life sized and not just damn toys, i would REALLY want to watch this.  Yes i said i hated mechs but come on, this is literally IS(infinite stratos)  only that the girls are like toys…VERY small CHANCE i will watch this. It’s like Double J last season, in the terms that i was 10 minutes long.  Status:  Watching for the chance they decide to do the magical, “Ohmaigod she turned lifesize”


A prequel to Fate Stay Night eh? Unlike the a little light hearted Fate Stay Night, Zero is a pretty serious business concerning the events preceding the Holy Grail War, too bad i wasn’t that big of a fan for Stay Night anyway, the only reason i watched was for Saber.  If they made a Tsukihime anime, i might as well watch it.  Status: Imma see where this ends up

Guilty Crown

Began a lot like Star Wars IV.  Lady (or in this case, cute girl) running away with some information and being chased by some robots (that look like they were ripped out of Needless).  What i liked about this is that both the leads are “socially” awkward and apparently are “dense”.  The main kid is more of a crybaby than the than the picture shows.  But really, wouldn’t you be kinda freaked out if you pulled a sword out of a girl’s chest and slice an extremely costly mech built by the government? Status: I am curious how they are going to proceed the story.  Yes, i’ll be watching

Persona 4 The Animation

Being a big fan of games it was almost impossible for me to NOT hear about the Shin Megami Tensei series, namely, the Persona series.  I’ve heard people pour HOURS into Persona 4 and I wish to see what kind of story or premise it will bring to the table this fall.  All characters have their, Persona, IE a spirit like ally.  So it’s like Baka to test only minus a little bit of comedy and up the action.  Status: Watching

Mashiroiro Symphony

The first ten minutes, put me to sleep, adequate time to finish my remaining homework.  Art is nice, i won’t ever lie on the art direction.  Girls haven’t completely caught my eye (but i guess the maid has).  So in the beginning, there was this girl named Airi, who completely acts like a normal girl (i know, shocking right?) But that doesn’t last long when the plot inches foward to our staple school enviroment.  Then we see Airi again who goes tsundere to alll the guys, perfect right? Also, that damn cat…thing…..whether I’m completely insane or i’ve played too much Fallout, i want to kill it.  Status: Meh, lets see where it goes, more maid. NOW.

Bakuman 2

I don’t even NEED to watch the first episode to judge this.  It’s basically the manga, only that it continues the story, much like TGWOK as it literally picks up where it left us off a few months ago.  Status: Watching just because I generally liked the series from the start.

Boku Ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Series will be covered by hippiefreak12, episode 1 shall be released shortly

Maji de Watashi ni koi shinasai

Its like Dynasty Warriors, only it has girls with sharp eyes and attacks that literally send people flying in one sweep.  It’s more silly than actually skillfull. Maybe it’s years of video gaming and the focus on getting each precious hit on a huge enemy hit me pretty well.  I just can’t stand battle animations when they are just one-hit attacks that blow everyone away (too much Devil may cry 3 and Demon’s Souls for me, sorry)   Girls ARE cute though, i ain’t complaining on that.  I’m getting a strange affinity towards the blondie and red head, prolly because the blonde is voiced by Hinagiku’s Seiyuu. The red head…i just don’t know, she’s hot.  There are plenty of guys and dudes so it isn’t a complete girl fest…which is a plus, somehow my mind tells me to say that. Basically, all the girls except for eye patch and main girl with the sharp eyes don’t get to me.  Main dude….IT’S FREAKIN IZAYA/OTONASHI! And he isn’t a half bad scrub who lets the girls do the fighting either! Thats a win right there.   I am still pissed at the lack of fighting skills (one hit wonder moves DO NOT COUNT, believe it or not, it’s seriously bugging me)  Status: Watching, but someone show these kids some Street Fighter or the last boss battle in Metal Gear Solid 4

Shakugan no Shana III

Lemme be COMPLETELY honest, Shana is a loli tsundere.  Tsunderes were the archtype of characters I NEVER completely understood.  Apparently the idea of abusing your lover is the best way to get them to be attracted to you.  If he even sets sight on another girl or if he accidentally gets off the wrong way, she beats him with the usual, “It’s not like I (insert options here)”.  Shana just happened to be one of the staple tsundere characters.  Hey, if i hate the lead, i will probably hate the series.  Status: I don’t think so.


A strange series…but one thing is for sure, the main character gave me a bad first impression.  My intuition tells me that the art is similar to Baka to Test, or so it seems to mine eyes.  Well it seems like To Aru Index, only the main dude has no power and the girl is a more tsundere than Index.  From what i can tell, it’s pretty average.  Hapless (and usually dense) main character encounters a mysterious girl and she starts living with him much to his childhood friend’s chagrin.  Status: Unless it provides something to tell me what the hell is going on, I’m not going to, but i have to admit, girl is cute.

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