The IDOLM@STER Episode 13-14 Review

The IDOLM@STER Episode 13-14 Review

My reaction to episode 13

Yes it’s finally here, they finally perform, not RK, but the rest of cast finally are given the chance to sing.

Buuut, that doesn’t mean this episode was perfect although it was close to compared to the rest of the other episodes.  Anyways, due to the episode mostly being concerts, there won’t be TOO much to write.

So the Producer talks to himself as the big day arrives, the President is already here, hours before schedule.  He states that this is the biggest event 765 has made.  The girls finally arrive and they start prepping for the big event.  While the girls marvel at their stage and tell stories, Ritsuko calls the Producer saying that it’s a huge typhoon where they are and they are completely delayed in getting to the concert on time.

She promises to at least get to concert no matter what.  The girls start to worry (seriously when DON’T they worry) but they keep in touch with RK.  The crowds starts to roll in and the girls are scared that they might not like them because they probably came to see RK.  Because of their delay, they have to scramble up the order of the songs. Nonetheless, the girls get out there, and sing their hearts out

(Click on pics for better quality)

As the girls try to entertain, the crowd gets kind of…bummed out after a while.  Miki finally redeems her annoying atttitude from the last episode and now she becomes one of our favorites again. Miki signed up for a double performance back to back

And it’s pretty much history from there, the girls sing and the crowd backs them up with thunderous cheers.

After a huuuge workout, RK finally arrives to see their friends dozing off.

Yes it was a piss poor review of an episode, but it was more of a go watch it thing than a come read about it episode.  I can’t really sing through my desktop now can I?

Thats literally episode 13, and due to my laziness and lack of actual writing material, heres episode 14 too

So episode twelve, the episode right after their biiig debut literally just details what has been going on in their lives after their big show.  Apparently they got pretty famous and they’re running around the clock getting everywhere.  IDOLM@STER decides that episode 13 was so good that it didn’t need to follow it up with more singing.  Thats exactly what happens, barely any singing but more promotional work.

So for the large amount of the girls shwon working, they are sitting around dressed as fruit, way to go above and beyond.

Because I hate writing stuff with no immediate plot, I will simply summarize the main parts

  • First off, new opening! I they passed the half way mark so why not kick some new stuff off with new song?
  • The girls really got famous from that concert, they have product placements and they get recognized in public
  • Miki starts calling the Producer “honey” which actually happens in the games
  • You do know that you were the white pieces right?

  • We see Jupiter again, their boss happens to have rivalries with the boss of 765 pro and they have stoeln 765 pro’s inclusion of being on the front cover of a magazine

Then they decide to uphold their resolve and pry and try to make it to the top

Meh episode, at least they went somewhere

I also wanted to point this out, the following episodes have focused on 1 character:

2 – Iori.
3 – Yukiho
4 – Chihaya
7 – Yayoi
8 – Azusa
9 – Ami & Mami
11 – Haruka
12 – Miki

So we have: Takane, Hibiki, Ritsuko , (Otonashi?), and someone else if i forgot anyone

Those are the two episodes, expect a few more posts this weekend and a summer preview/first impression post right after Guilty Crown and Ben-To comes out.

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