Mayo Chiki Series Review

Mayo Chiki Series Review


Guess wat? I’M BACK. Yep. So. Uh. Let’s start?

Screw Aria, Yay Natsuru

Mayo Chiki Episode 13

Just a short summary of what happened in episode 13. It’s about Nakuru and how Kinjiro discovers that she is a girl. The end, nuff said. Cuz 13 wasn’t the end. 12 was.

So let’s go over what the hell Mayo Chiki’s about!


Your average, unpopular, gynophobic, cheesy ass high school boy discovers that the popular, handsome butler is in fact a girl. Bam. Shit happens. All right! Fine, here’s an actual summary from Wikipedia.

The story revolves around Kinjirō Sakamachi, a 17 year old high school boy who suffers from gynophobia. The gynophobia sickness makes his nose bleed every time he has physical contact with a female. While using the bathroom he accidentally discovers that the popular and handsome butler Subaru Konoe is in fact a girl. Now that Kinjirō knows about Subaru’s secret, he must work together with Subaru and her sadistic mistress, Kanade, to protect Subaru’s secret from being discovered.


  • Sakamachi Kinjirou: The protagonist, second year high school student who discovers Subaru’s secret. Jirou suffers from gynophobia, so his nose bleeds whenever a girl touches him. He bleeds instinctively, because in the past he believed his mother and sister would stop beating him up (for practice) once he started bleeding (b/c his blood would stain the carpet). And so Kinjirou is decently strong. Something we have in common: WE LOVE RAMEN.  Jirou’s father passed away from an illness after telling him that his name means “stand by me”, telling him to protect hot chicks. Lolwat. Not rly. He signs contract with Kanade Suzutsuki to not reveal her butler’s secret and find a way to cure his gynophobia. Chicken.
  • Sakamachi Kureha: Kureha is the younger sister of Jirou, a first year in high school that loves martial arts. She is a member of the crafts club (though you couldn’t really call it crafts). After watching and following Kinjirou and Subaru on their first date, attacks Konoe to reclaim her brother, but gets pwnt. Because of this, she has fallen in love with Konoe. As her father died from an illness, she gets extremely worried whenever Jirou gets sick.
  • Konoe Subaru: A second year high school student and also Suzutsuki’s butler. Because a male butler must serve Kanade’s family (and she is an only child), Konoe dresses like a male. Her features makes her seem to everyone as if she is a boy until one day, Sakamachi discovers her secret. She is horrid at naming things like fighting moves, but is still shown to be a very strong fighter. Although initially hating Jirou, Subaru quickly becomes friends with him, even going as far as to develop romantic feelings for him. KONOE ALSO LOVES RAMEN. She likes the “Lost Sheep” series of plush dolls.
  • Suzutsuki Kanade: The single daughter of the high school’s principal, who is a sexy and sadistic bitch. And so I love her. She enjoys tormenting and teasing Kinjirou by using his gynophobia. However, she did try to cure Jirou’s gynophobia even though her methods often humiliate him in some way. In the later episodes, Suzutsuki tells Jirou that he is the first man willing to talk shit to her and is thought to have fallen in love with him. She is also a bisexual?, for she has claimed that Subaru was her first love.
  • Usami Masamune: A former member of S4 or Shooting Star Subaru-Sama, she is also a member of the crafts club. Usami is shown to be a good cook, partly because she lives on her own and has to cook her own meals. The bunny (Usami, Usagi) later becomes friends with Kinjirou and the others and is shown to have a crush on him. Usami’s nickname for Jirou is “stupid chicken”. As a gag, Usami is shown to be able to attract ghosts and live together with them.
  • Narumi Nakuru: Yaoi-lover. Glasses-fetish chick. Kinda like hippiefreak. The second part, I mean. Kinda hot when she takes her glasses off. Committee Chairman. The end.
  • Konoe Nagare Subaru’s father.
Our thoughts:

Eh, at least it didn’t have a horrible definite ending. Episode 12 technically was the ending, with 13 being an OAV. So you know, not much of a confession or anything to kick off the end of the series (yes, haha for all you grammar nerds out there) but it was decent. I’m certainly hoping that there will be another season of this, seeing as Suzutsuki is absolutely awesome shit. Konoe is, too. All right, that’s all for now.

In my point of view, I just watched because it was something i knew about.  It was entertaining, that was it, it’s episodes didn’t want me craving more, I just watched.  Nothing TOO special, but just for the watch, it was nice.  Theres something about the art of Mayo Chiki that I constantly want to punch my screen, nooo idea why.  Like Light said, more Suzutsuki, but she’s kinda REALLU skinny, get some meat on them bones girl!

See you later~

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