Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 15 Review

Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 15 Review

Everyone’s favorite purple headed dumbass who carries around a halberd finally makes his appearence

But only at the end of chapter.

So before i begin, i can hopefully assume that with the release of chapter 15 and with this series being a monthly updated, we have at-least 2-3 more chapters that just need to be translated.  I have a confession, i like Yuri a lot more in the prequel than in the anime series.  Although i like the orderly type, Yuri just has a lot more charm in her.  Hmmm, i wonder if the prequel justifies her instant tsundere mode in the last episode.

So we finally break off to our main cast of Yuri, Hinata, Ooyama, and Cha who finally decided to join the team. For those being unattentive, Yuri now leads the group believing she found something important.  Then the series breaked off to tell Hisako and Iwasawa’s story.  In the last page of the omake chapter, we find Hinata beat to a bloody pulp.

So were to begin with this chapter?

Yuri insults Hinata for not being able to play sports pretty well (baseball doesn’t really help with Volleyball does it)

Yuri sort of explains why they are out here.  Yuri has taken Tenshi’s swimsuit (which i think is too big for Tenshi), however, they soon abandon the plan, as Yuri finds that Tenshi’s clothes don’t give off super powers.  Well back on track, Yuri asks Chaa the reason why he was recruited, his craftsmenship with firearms

Apparently for the past few days or weeks, Chaa has been living in a bunker like construct.  It looks like a makeshift workshop and he notes out theres a door leading into somewhere deeper underground.  Chaa demonstrates the making of objects by molding some clay.  He goes on molding for a while and the dozes off.  He awakes his new friends and shows them a firing pin.  Seeing how they can somehow turn dirt into iron, they decide to try for themselves, only Yuri suceeds in making something.  But she finds it completely unbelievable how Chaa made a gun if it took 2 hours just to make a pin.


In short, Chaa knows every vital component to a hand gun and literally made it from scratch.  Although Yuri is impressed with the gun, she is more compelled with going past the mysterious door that leads deeper underground.  She proposes that everyone is to prepare food as they will try to go as deep into the tunnel as possible.

The next day the guys arrive to go into the tunnel and they find Yuri making a pinwheel.  She says that she still needs to make 2 more, and she mentions it’s not for them.  If you didn’t know, i’m pretty sure Yuri had 3 siblings back when she was alive.  The group treks through the door and walk a few minutes and then.

Yuri stops and finds another person in front of them, with a halberd.  The man strikes at their feet and furiosuly questions them, which side are they on

End of Chap. I want more! Now!

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