One Year Anniversary!

One Year Anniversary!

What exactly did we accomplish?

Well if you can read its the blog’s birthday!

On that faithful day of October 1st, exactly on year ago, siegetank created this site, mostly for me because I was pretty lazy to do it myself.  For some reason, we chose Anime Tree to be our name.  In the months following, I would go solo for a while and then Light, one of the founding members, came back.  You know, I honestly have no idea how far I’m going to go with this blog.  It’s pretty fun knowing that people read/gawk at what you write or upload. 

This blog is officially one year old and me and Light sincerely thank you for motivating us with either your comments, subscriptions, and obvious views! Thank you!

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  1. Don’t talk for me, hippiefreak, because I HATE ALL OF YO– I’m just kidding I love you all. No guys, though. Ohwait… (realization that this blog is for guys)
    Internet won’t be back up for like another week :/
    FUUUUUUUUUUU this is why everyone hates comcast.
    Well, it’s not like hippiefreak has anything for me to do anyway ;D
    I like my week off.

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