End of September

End of September

Now THIS is what you call a true filler post.   Well September will end in a few minutes and it September will be passed and we shall roll over to October to start off the bulk of the fall series.  But what am i making this post for?

Yesterday I checked that in the month of Septebmer, we garnered OVER NINE-THOUSAAAAND views in september alone, we were pretty close to 10,000 so I decided to go advertising.  So by last night, it was like 9800 views and then i went to sleep.  I come back from school, played Fallout, i check the site AND BAM  we managed to get 500+ views from this day alone too!

Into October we go!


Not to mention that i continually posted for a complete week, with some material i did not work on before, which to me with all the school work i have, it was quite exhausting.  But i finally made it through the last weeks and did enough to get a bunch of people here.  Although the reviews aren’t completely down, it’s still a time to rejoice!

Thanks for staying with us and we hope you visit us more the next coming months! Expect another post tomorrow too, it’s a special day for us 😀

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