The Big Three

The Big Three

I really wish that Light got his computer back so he can get some stuff up.

Oh well, yet another filler post while i wait for idolm@ster to be subbed.  Oh well, it’s nice to have non review posts every now and then.  Light needs to get his ass back on gear (he moved and he has yet to set up his computer) because I’m honestly running out of ideas (i have 1-2 more planned posts that isn’t a review…maybe a another list will suffice) BUT ENOUGH TALK, HAVE AT YOU!

So I talked about 3 series last time, lets do that same format shall we? This time with the Big Three, namely, Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece with a vaguely related picture to keep your attention while i ramble on.

You know, i was there when they first animated the three big series.  I had different takes with each of them as i will discuss now.  Let us talk about the 3 main mangas that has become a family name in the anime/manga community

So lets begin with everyone’s favorite ninja who calls himself a ninja but goes around wearing an extremely noticeable orange jumpsuit while not keeping his blonde hair tied down.  Ninjas from my knowledge WOULD NOT dare face an enemy outright.  If they did, they would be samurai’s.  But no in all seriousness, Naruto bored me and it was only AFTER Shippuden started did i actually start to pay attention.  Naruto was 14 in the beginning, Ichigo was 16-17, Luffy was 17-18.  Of course Naruto would, in my opinion, take a better turn in the shippuden parts.  In the first season, Naruto was a bore, cliche little boy.  Sasuke wasn’t a likeable one bit, and Sakura was a complete waste of space.  The enemies weren’t the most memorable but yeah, in short i didn’t like the first series at all.  Then came the shippuden series, it was kinda more likeable how the 3 changed. Naruto was still an emotional powerhouse, Sasuke became more emo by bleeding out his eyes, and Sakura became OP(overpowered) and then UP(underpowered).

Blue is an improvement over orange, but that giant weapon has to go. Atleast she's hot

The Akatsuki was the real reason for me to actually start paying attention.  Their diverse members and the identity of their leader really got to me at that time. To be honest, i stopped caring for this series when Itachi and Deidara died, but my interests died out when Invasion of Pain ended, it was the most cheesiest ending, they literally brought everyone back to life, hell if they could do that, bring Asuma back.  Then the arcs following that didn’t interest me.  Danzo with his disgusting arm embedded with eyes and the war.  Recently, Kabuto (yeah, the loser with the glasses) become completely OP and Tobi who is now Madara plans to take over the world.  Instead of creating some elaborate bad guys, the literally summon all the dead people back to life, seriously what the hell? Anyways, i still read this series, but only as an observation on how this series will finally end.  In terms of music, only 1 interested me, its the Fifth one.  As dissapointing as it was, i still enjoyed watching Sasuke Retrieval every saturday with that tune starting it off

Now lets talk about Bleach who actually started off extremely well but then fell to the Spanish Armada’s mighty cannons of…spanish words? Because i already wrote about Bleach, the bulk of my message is in this post.  Well Ichigo and his friend’s extreme powers that were unqiue to even the Shinigami was interesting. The civil fighting within the Soul Society was pretty awesome too.  Good memories flooded back to me when i watched the compilation of Bleach’s 3rd ending.  Aizen’s unexpected betrayal, Gin’s trolling betrayal, and Tousen’s wtf betrayal was a decent setting for the next plot.  The it introduced advanced Hollows called Arrancars.  Apparently the Hollows (minus the name Hollow and the names of the Hollows preceding this arc) are entitled and have their powers from their spanish routes.  The Soul Society has their powers like Shunpo, while Arrancars and the “Los Espadas (it’s supposed to be ‘Las’ Espadas because Epsada ends with the word -a which usually means its a feminine word) have Cero (Zero), Hierro (Iron), Sonido (Sound), and so on.  In actuality, the Arrancar arc started off nicely, because it brought back Chad, Ishida, and Ichigo with Renji and Rukia while Orihime was kidnapped.  I admit, it was interested until AFTER Ichigo’s fight with Ulquiorra. Then the Battle of Karakura just bored me, hell the only reason i kept reading was to see the characters’ sword releases.  Other than that, after the battle with Aizen, i thought the series would be over, guess i’m wrong.  At least Bleach knows how to keep a few new enemies at hand to be used…I gave up after i read the final battle.

Finally, One Piece, the one i have the least contempt for.  One Piece suceeds in continuing with what it does best: amazing battles while having a tight and exciting arcs.  Truth be told, i skipped Skypea, watched Enies Lobby and CP9 and literally skipped to the Saboady Archipelago to the Impel Down arc and finally to Marineford. I didn’t really like the 2 year reunion thing, it’s basically what Naruto did but was it REALLY necessary?  I actually haven’t been reading One Piece so i have no idea whats going on except that they are on Fishmen Island.  So is change really a good thing? I have no clue, i don’t have the intention of reading the new One Piece unless something gets my attention.

In my opinon, Naruto will hopefully end with Sasuke and Naruto’s final confrontation.  I will call it right now, they will work together to fight Madara.  I cannot see an ending for Bleach, and i can’t see an ending for One Piece either.

You know what really deserves the Top 3 place? Gintama.

Thanks for listening, Goodnight

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  1. I gave up on Naruto a LONG time ago. I read somewhere that the final battle will be between Naruto and Sasuke, but I’m not sure where or how.

    At this point, I’m only reading Bleach out of habit, rather than any real interest in the story. Hopefully it’ll get confusing soon so I can stop.

    One Piece is a series I really like, but I do agree that the timeskip could have been handled better. I expected a few tears during their reunion, at least.

  2. honesty One piece is the best in my opinion naruto (shippuuden) is some what at an equal level but not there yet and bleach has become total crap lately with the storyline of the anime consisting with more fillers than actual episodes. but all in all the big 3 are THE BIG 3. i personally think bleach should be replaced but with no worthy manga on the rise it will take a while for that to happen.

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