The IDOLM@STER Episode 12 Review

The IDOLM@STER Episode 12 Review

Finally a Miki centered episode, too bad I picky about the clothes she wears, i love the white shirt she had on during her phonecall with the Producer. Lemme be honest right now, i’m tired of hearng Ryuguu Komachi this and that.  As much as i like Miki, she needs to buck up

Well it wouldn’t be a complicated series if it didn’t have any conflict right? Lets get right to it

We left off where Ritsuko  gives the message that R.K is a 3 (wo)man band wagon and Miki can’t really join.  For a the next few days, Miki does not show up for practice which everyone is worried about.  The Producer is kind of in distress as she tries to remember why Miki calls him a liar and talks it over with Ritsuko.  The Pro.finally remembers the time when he was on the phone and literally just tried to swat Miki away.  So after finding the problem out, he tries to gain contact one more.  The Producer finally manages to get a call to Miki and she finally answers.

The Pro tries to get her to come back but being stubborn she refuses.  Pro tries to explain that she’s being completely selfish as she is in part ruining the concert.  Producer doesn’t try any new tactics in the speech department but is told by Otonashi, she’s still 15. 

The studio’s girls however seem sad and kind of excited.  Mostly because they finally got their matching stage outfits.  The Producer sets out to find Miki whose currently out just loitering around town.  We switch back to Miki who sings her own song while going around town.  She gets a few texts about their concert by her friends but she tries to bury those emotions down.

The Producer finally finds Miki gathering attention by a camera man and some sort of interviewer.  She starts singing and gains even more popularity and she notices the Producer in the crowd.  She starts running away.  It would be kinda pathetic to see a 15 year old girl outrun a 20+ year old dude so he eventually catches her.  She says to him that she’s quitting the job.  She states that she doesn’t want to sing or dance.  The Producer notes that she had a good time a few seconds ago singing in front of everyone.  She is taken aback when the Producer apologizes to her instead of being mad at her.  In any chase, she tries to leave.  Back at the studio we have a little talk amongst the girls wondering on how Miki is doing and the fate of their act.  Unexpectedly, Chihaya (wo)mans up to optimize the crew instead of usual Haruka.  Chihaya is moving up the ranks

Well we return to our hapless Miki and our hapless Producer who isn’t quite disturbed at the fact that one of his most talented idol is quitting, he seems to be quite persistent as Miki has said.  Miki apparently spends her time just walking around town doing whatever her whim tells her to do.  SO we have yet another montage of random activities done by Miki while being followed around by Producer.

And it all leads to the moment in the sunset.  Miki has done her fill of doing random things and finally stops at a bridge looking at the sunset.  The Producer takes this time to try and convince Miki back.  She still isn’t convinced to come back as she holds the will of seeing that if she isn;t in R.K she won’t be as famous.  The Producer finally admits that he doesn’t really know anyone completely but promises them a future that they dream of.  To make a short speech even shorter, she finally agrees on terms that he shall not lie and make her as popular as she always dreamed of.  And THEN she returns the next day

Even for Mik centric episode, i didn’t really care for it.  What could a 15 year old girl have as the greatest reason for not cooperating with someone? That concert better be in the next episode, i want another Smoky Thrill like song.

 I’m sorry for lazing out again.  Heres another pic of something different

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