Amagami SS, Yosuga no Sora, and Clannad-Love in Anime

Amagami SS, Yosuga no Sora, and Clannad-Love in Anime

Just because i haven’t reviewed these series doesn’t mean i didn’t watch them.

I WAS going to review the idolmaster today but there are a few pieces of homework that require me to sit down and repeat the damn thing over and over.  So instead of that, I’m going to do a longer post, if that makes any sense.  Why am i doing this? Well i like to break off from the weekly posts of lists and reviews i  decided at the time while Me and Light get prepared for the fall season, i might as well put a few thoughtful posts out in the slew of posts im trying to get out.  SO, LETS TALK ABOUT EVERYONE’S FAVORITE EMOTION: LOOOVE

(the pictures i will be using here is drawn by Coffee Kizoku who probably does have some NSFW pictures but none here, why do i say this? Because i love the art)

So lets get these three series familiarized with you fine people.

  • Amagami SS: A series that detailed the love life of Tachibana Junichi who was rejected during Christmas and now is kinda down when it comes to girls.  However he would meet one of six girls that would spark his desire to pursue a relationship.
  • Yosuga no Sora: Siblings Haruka and Sora Kasugano return to their grandparents home far in the countryside.  There, Haruka will be facing some romantic challenges
  • Clannad: Everyone’s favorite, tender, and tearjerking anime about a guy named Tomoya meeting a girl named Nagisa….

Well there are 3 main things that these series have obviously have in common.  It’s LOVE

Whether it’s that fuzzy feeling in your heart, that undeniable passion of someone of something, or simply the temptation, love is a EXTREMELY powerful emotion, almost has powerful as anger.  However, these series show different…levels of love i guess.  Clannad being the love of family, Amagami with sweet romance, and Yosuga no Sora with “deed” screw it, they have sex.

Countless songs, literature, movies, videogames, comics, and of course anime always have the emotion of love either secretly embedded into them or shown outright as the main seller.  Lemme try and “flesh” out these series and how they show “love”.  I almost forgot to mention: Amagami is from a PS2 game(a visual novel to make it simpler), Yosuga an eroge, and Clannad a visual novel.

Amagami SS (or just Amagami) was a series that was based upon the Ps2 game (which was just Amagami) around the mentioned Junichi who after being rejected by a girl on christmas would encounter love once more.  It does something that isn’t done much (or atleast I haven’t seen much) is that after each story is finished, it goes back to square one, only with a new girl at the stage.  I’ll clarify this, visual novels don’t have H-Scenes while eroges do.  Either i haven’t watched enough series for a while or I’m completely right, i haven’t seen a lot of visual novels that aren’t eroge be adapted into an anime series.  The ones i can name off of my head is Stein;s Gate, this, and Clannad.  Like i said before, i haven’t seen a lot of series where they go back to the past to tell the full story of the character that is focused on in that arc, instead of the usual introduce all characters go into all of them but cannot truly flesh everything out and have either the harem ending or just the ending with the main (and sometimes she’s not the best choice) female lead. Amagami SS was done pretty well in all honesty.  Although it’s another anime love story the presentation of knowing the character and staying faithful the visual novel routes of different characters was really nice

Yosuga no Sora was an eroge that was adapted to an anime.  Eroge turned anime have a lot of examples like Fate Stay Night, To Heart, Tayutama, Shuffle, School Days, and more recently Hoshizora.  Unlike many eroge adaptations, Yosuga no Sora does show some “scenes” and that doesn’t really imply but actually shows intimate relations (i have the sudden feeling to not just write sex).  Sora goes like Amagami on how the story branches off but i actually liked Amagami’s style of not really showing sex (well it wasn’t an eroge, it wouldn’t have shown it anyway).  As a healthy male, i didn’t really cringe at the sex scenes (because the real act is not shown at all it’s all just pictures and no movement, much like an eroge i guess).  Yosuga did its characters well, sex scenes were not just scenes of pure lust but love as well.  Would i like it any better if Yosuga no Sora was like Hoshizora? Explain every character’s story, ignoring them and go straight for the female lead? No, i wouldn’t.  Frankly i hate Sora from Yosuga and i hate Ui from Hoshizora. MOVING ON

Clannad, debatebly the ultimate form of love in an animated series.  Although it does go for the main character (who i suprisingly do not hate) i still preferred a few other girls (Kyou 😀 ).  Like i said, Clannad goes for the main female lead while still getting to know the othercharacter’s..characters. In the Afterstory, the main character’s a child is born.  So yes sex is implied but it isn’t really shown.  The series didn’t really need that.  Clannad showed love of family and it showed it pretty damn well with its afterstory which probably brought 95% of its watchers to their knees. I also loved the OVAS where Tomoya (main) doesn’t end up with Nagisa and instead ends up with Tomoyo or Kyou.  It’s a little less emotional than the original ending but still after watching the episodes you really feel for the character and sense the chemisty and connection. Clannad remained faithful to the visual novel and without any amounts of huge fanservice or branching storylines (which i gues IS  a part of faithfulness to its roots).

Theres not much to say that hasn’t been said, Clannad pretty much shows love in anime to its best example.

Thats all i have to say, thanks for reading and i’m sorry for any errors or if it sounded like i rambled (im pretty sure i did)

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