Top 7 Characters from Angel Beats!

Top 7 Characters from Angel Beats!

Like the title suggests, lets take this time of year to appreciate Angel Beats for its valiant effort in giving us a satisfactory package, until it backed out and gave us a crappy ending. But, without a doubt, it was a pretty good experience to watch and it had a huge cast of extremely likeable characters.  Although the series’ rushed plot didn’t do them justice, we’ll highlight the Top 7 characters from Angel Beats! 

Yes this is a filler post, i kinda ran out of time today.  Why am i posting this? I’m trying to see if i can get out one post a day until friday then in the saturdays and sundays Light will post a few reviews of his series.  Once a majority of series for Fall comes out, i will post a preview+first impression post when i can. So enjoythis one

And for once, we’re gonna include male characters.  I was planning to do so with Gintama characters but i havent been really able too.  So without further ado, lets start the countdown!


Hinata is just a great guy and a great friend, something i believe that everyone deserves a friend like Hinata.  Also, Hinata was primarily the “funny” guy with his attitude.  Twice in the series is he asked if he was gay. Unlike some characters on this list, Hinata’s past is revealed but it isn’t as gut wrenching as the rest but hey, imagine if you failed at the thing you loved doing.  Anyways, Hinata=awesome guy, he made me start getting sad when the ending played out.  And yes, there are no good pics of him alone.

Long live Sekine. How can you not love a totally moe blonde haired guitar player? We didn’t need that little loli as a somewhat main character (the one who wanted to play baseball or whatever); we should’ve just thrown Sekine in. Hellllllll yeah. Definitely a winner.


It would be kinda unnatural to not have the a character like Kanade to show up on our list.  What can i say? She’s just adorable (when she isn’t deflecting bullets and knifing you).  Although she remainded a neutral character for little more than half the series, she turned nice around 6-7.  Her story does leave a huuge hole in the plot, some people fail to see that because they’re too caught up in the moment.

Rah. Kana. All that needs to be said.


Iwasawa was average.  I honestly thought she would end up nicely with Otonashi.  Anyways, Iwasawa in my opinion left the scene a little to early.  We never really got to see what kind of girl she was (other than the music type).  The new omake chapter of Iwasawa and Hisako just made me like Iwasawa a lot more.  She happens to be the clueless (but still charmingly cool) girl, whose just bad at naming things. 

She respawned/left too quickly for sure. They should’ve at least explained what happened to her or something. Her songs were pretty good, but I have to say that I preferred the opening better. Have and will. So… yeah. Iwasawa seemed a bit too tomboyish for me but eh. She was still pretty hot.


What can i say? T.K is the bomb.  One of the very few characters in anime thats a guy that made me want to watch more of it.  He randomly speaks english and does it pretty nicely to a degree.  He dances, he sings, theres not a thing you cannot like about this guy.  Whats bad is like almost everyone else’s past is that we don’t know how he died and why he ended up here.

FUCK YEAH. Only guy in anime who can actually speak English without sounding like a douchebag.


Shiina was (in my opinion) the only hot girl in Angel Beats (who actually appeared in half the episodes).  Although she doesn’t outwardly show it, she’s just a girl who adores cute things.  Like T.K on this list, her story is never revealed (and it was the 2nd one i wanted most).  It’s kinda tough for me to describe because she barely makes any appearences.  But, she’s a tough girl, who acts like a fighter but inside, shes like a harmless puppy.  And she’s a nice female character that almost made it to the finale of the series.  And i just simply adore her.

I didn’t even know her name until I saw these some picture hippiefreak gave me. I always thought she was some super gothic emo ninja shit. Then I saw her with animal ears and just died. Wait… she likes cute things? When was this.


And hell take these pics too

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  1. Kanade was obviously my favorite. I still get teary-eyed thinking about her. And T.K. was my favorite male. Heck, he’s one of the best male characters, ever! XD I wanna re-watch the anime just for him.

  2. the prequel manga as of late has introduced Yuri, Hinata, Ooyama, Cha, Kanade, Hisako and Iwasawa. I really wish they get as far as Noda and Shiina

    and as always: Thanks for commenting!

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