R-15 Review [Series & Short Final 3 Episodes Summary]

R-15 Review [Series & Short Final 3 Episodes Summary]

Ohithar. It seems I haven’t posted in a while, and coppas be on my ass (meaning hippiefreak… and… hippiefreak…) to DO something.

Seeing as I’m about to move and will have no internet for the next couple of days, I thought that I should get something done as well.

So: here’s a shoooooooort summary of episode 10, 11, and 12.

Episode 10: Hotspring scene! YEAHHH. Then this lame gymnast guy comes along with Botan and says that they’re having a orientation tournament for the underclassmen. So:  there’s a contest. First event is creating an event that only geniuses could create. Taketo’s place fails, until they use the idea of utilizing hot girls to boost their popularity. Akutagawa sits in the hot spring with Utae for a while and screws it up by talking about Narukara. He later chases Buchou, who again mysteriously disappears (and is never explained). The episode basically ends with Narukara coming back.

Episode 11: Narukara is at Taketo’s place, sleeping. She ran up to him, hugged him, and fell asleep (?). Blah, blah, Utae’s class is winning the 2nd part of the event by selling some of her things. Blah, blah, shit happens with Akutaagwa and Narukara, and Utae is all depressed because Taketo seems to like Narukara more. In the middle of the episode, it is revealed that Fukune is going to leave the academy for whatever reason. Taketo tries to write lyrics for the third event to accompany Narukara’s clarinet, but he can’t do it and pussies out. Sonokoe gets cheered on by the cheerleader and feels better. Raika show how ‘ugly’ Taketo is right now. Akutagawa’s liek OSHI I FORGOT TO ACT COOL and starts running someplace.

Episode 12: Taketo writes a lame ass porno song that has some shitty lyrics such as “In and out, slick and wet” to win the third event and win the entire tournament. It really kind of sucks. No fantasies in this episode either. Not much Utae either. In other words, this episode SUCKED BALLS. But Narukara eventually comes back to play clarinet with her class, and after Taketo does his conducting and shit, Class 1-3 (Akutagawa and Narukara’s class) wins. Their class gets like a trip to wherever they want to go in the world. Narukara, being as stupid as ever, asks what the hell the lyrics meant. -stops watching- too dumb is too dumb. But the class goes to Vienna, and the only good part of the episode is the ending, because they leave a chance for a harem ending (assuming that they continue the series). Sonokoe stalks the class to Vienna as well. The end.

Character List: Character List

My thoughts: Eh… this series was okay. It was great at first, then kind of got better, only to degrade itself. Basically, it was like an upside down parabola. Up, maximum, downnnnnnnnnnn. It was very sexy, though, and I’m quite excited for the uncensored version :D. Now, we just need a season 2 where Taketo ditches the fucking loli and chases after UTAE. Kthx.

Here’s a pic of Utae.


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