Ro Kyu Bu! Review

Ro Kyu Bu! Review

Loli Loli Loli Loli Loli MILF Hot friend

I cant believe i watched this.

Hmmmmm, theres definitly something im not getting at here.  Although i clearly stated many times on how i hate kids, i actually didn’t despise my experience with this series.  Although i can clearly see the ending (hur hur, Katsuragi) i watched it anyway for the pure fanservice.  Of the Loli’s? hell no but the main character does have a pretty hot friend. But in all seriousness…come on…the hell did you expect?

Yes there will be something Slam Dunk related

Anyways, Ro Kyu Bu details Hasegawa Subaru, a highschooler who after being semi-blackmailed by his loli aunt he is forced to work with 5 elementary schoolers on their basketball program.  Subaru walks in on the first day with the 5 girls wearing maid costumes in order to charm their new coach.  Fortunetly, he doesn’t bite the jailbait line, but he will sooner or later.  Anyways, he learns from his extremely young aunt that the basketball program for these girls might disband due to how much they suck.  Subaru seeing this decides to coach fulltime and try to make the girls basketball team thrive (with only 5 members, hmmmm).  Unknown to his friends at school

Character List

  • Subaru: The “main man” as i always say or refer too.  Theres not much to say other than he’s a lolicon and just a huge lover of basketball.
  • Tomoka: Kana’s voice made me love her, but too bad, she’s got the hots for Subaru (without a doubt).  She’s pretty much the “naturally talented” player in the average sports based entertainment.
  • Maho: Maho is the rich girl whose pretty spoiled and loudmouthed. She was the first to make friends with Tomoka to create the basketball club.  Another cliche/archtype character in a sports manga.  The one who always gets pumped up and cheers everyone
  • Airi: You have to ask first, she’s in elementary school? Why so? well she’s as tall as Subaru and is “endowed” with gifts many girls ask for.  Anyways, she’s like Yukiho from idolm@ster, not as much crying and androphobic but still, a crybaby.
  • Hinata: Apparently, Light has a thing for Hinata.  Anyways, Hinata suffers from a speech impediment….no wait, is it more of a tic? Hinata always starts a sentence or any phrase by saying “Ohhhh~(insert noun)” Anyways, she was pretty cute until i got tired of hearing Ohh all the time.  She also has a younger sister who apparently is twice her size…
  • Saki: Probably the one with the least problems.  Hats off to you Light, yet another character added to the unofficial list of characters that hippiefreak likes that wear glasses.  She’s usually the mediator of the team, being the smart one (glasses explain it all)
  • Mihoshi: Subaru’s aunt who looks like shes freakin 9 years old.  Seeing her drive seriously made me say wtf (how can she reach the pedal?).  Anyways, she’s around 20-30 and is literally so short and so underdeveloped, she could literally play in the damn basketball team.  More or less a troll to Subaru
  • Nayu: Subaru’s mom.  Its….it has been a while since a MILF appeared in any animes i have seen in a while.
  • Aoi: Aoi is the best girl in this series (unless you’re a lolicon or just like younger girls).  She is literally the only girl in his age range and she’s probably the cutest girl this season.  She’s however yet another childhood friend whose semi-tsundere

Well lets get to my general thoughts

To put EVERYTHING about this series other than the fanservice and body proportions, heres a picture that will explain a lot of things (but only if you read/watched a certain series that dealt with basketball years ago)

props to Heroacg for makign such an elaborate chart.  Not only does it reference the change in anime but it also adresses and helps out those who don’t understand basketball.

In general, it’s just yet another anime that deals with teamwork and friendship.  I will miss Aoi’s cute face but i think i’ll wish a lot of the characters here (minus Subaru of course).  At first i was seriously laughing at the series’ premise of elementary school sports.  If it was a college guy teaching highschool basketball, maybe i would have given it some more thought.  But anyway, there wasn’t anyone i seriously hated in the series. Props to the artwork, it’s gorgeous. Although it isn’t the defining series this season.  More of a “cute characters, me watch now” series.

Final words: If this series was an attempt to prove something about modern anime, then the chart itself sums it all up, only more fanservice material than basketball.  If it was meant to be just another anime to fill in the timeslot, meh, entertaining at the most.  I didn’t LOVE the series, but it’s another one of the those animes that people watch for nothing but pure (loli) entertainment

even Aoi’s friends are hot.

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