My Sacred Seven Rant/Review


There’s a certain rant (1/3) I have to put up now.

So if you watched Sacred Seven and hated it like I did, read this to see how much I want to destroy that series.


None. There’ll be a pic at the end, though.

Sacred Seven:

Its characters:

Alma Tandouji
  • He is the main protagonist of Sacred Seven.  Alma gained his powers through birth, but hates the powers (as all faggish protagonists do) because he hurt lotz duh peepelz in teh past. In order to control his powers, he needs Ruri Aiba to stick a coc– I mean a weird gem-like stone inside his body. Wtf? He can use all seven powers and is the most powerful of Sacred Seven ‘users’ . This guy has a weird hobby of looking for rocks because his mother’s crystal got pwnt into the river by some bullies. Apparently he met Ruri when he was little.
Ruri Aiba
  • She is the female protagonist of Sacred Seven. She is the daughter of a billionare, who was killed by a Darkstone (big bad things). She created Aiba Foundation, full of maids, to destroy all Darkstones (which fails…). She is a ‘Lightstone’ and can turn crystals to Lightstones to shove it up Alma’s… She took over as chairman of Alma’s school by buying it. Her twin sister, Aoi, is a lolicon trapped in a crystal who should die. She loooooooooves Alma.
Aoi Aiba
  • Ruri’s twin, she turned into a damn crystal. Nuff said. Seems to like Kagami?
Makoto Kagami
  • This guy is Ruri’s butler and field commander for the Aiba Foundation. He already graduated from Harvard and came to Alma’s school to troll him. He is the class president and a member of the Geology Club. He has an IS-like machine, except it kinda sucks.
  • The head of the Geology Club, she is always looking for rocks. She’s Alma’s friend.
Naito Kijima
  • 1st noob antagonist who turns into a protagonist…? He’s basically another version of Alma, but he gradually dies after using his power unless he gets treated with a vaccine. He can change objects and Darkstones into his weapons. Naito supposedly wants to be ‘free’ and hates Kenmi. Alma > him in terms of power though. His sex buddy, Fei, takes care of him.
  • She is another Lighstone. By the way, she’s not really Kijima’s fuck buddy. She uses her blood to create vaccines for Kijima. She had a brother, Zero, who lost control of himself until he got saved. Kenmi then kills him sucks his power. Fei’s eyes can turn red. Eventually, she becomes the big final boss antagonist. Wtf?
Doctor Kenmi
  • The ‘main antagonist’, he is a scientist researching the capabilities of Sacred Seven. He experimented on Naito and was his superior. He found a way to mimic the Sacred Seven power with an artificial crystal (like everything else in our world), however its powers are limited. He was performing illegal experiments on humans with the Seven’s powers in secret (no shit?). With Zero’s Lightstone, he upgrades.
  • Kenmi’s personal sex whore (not really) who has an artificial crystal as well. She complains and behaves like a child, but she’s a supah ninja. Loljk but she’s pretty good at fighting.
My rant on the series:

Actually, ever since I saw the very first episode, I knew it was going to be pretty fucking lame. I mean, the main character is already boring as fuck, spouting nonsensical crap about how he’s too strong for his own good and doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore. He’s the type of main character I want to pummel the most. Then as the series progressed, I kind of thought, hmm… the plot’s totally gay, but I could kind of (if I grit my teeth) come to like this Arma guy (main character). The ending, though, made me give this series a -10/10. Meant to be negative.

Tell me, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE MAIN POINT OF THE SERIES? The female lead, some weird orange haired chick, wants to save her sister and destroy all the evil Darkstone thingies in the world. So there’s 2 parts to it. Her sister IS saved, but the Darkstones (as far as we know) AREN’T FUCKING DESTROYED. That’s not even the worst part. Let me tell you about the last couple of episodes. Until about the last 3 episodes, the plot was all fun fun and not really related other than killing minor enemies. Not much we can do about that. But then at the last 3 episodes ‘line’, we suddenly find out that the bad guy is one of the female lead’s associates. Wait. What? Then everyone in the series begins to yak about all this MAJOR BULLSHIT. EXPLAIN IT TO US, DAMMIT.

Apparently the evil guy ‘eats’ hearts and then like absorbs them. Wait who the fuck gave him that power? Then Arma beats him up, evil guy gains power, Arma doesn’t get any power upgrade but does some weird running thing and somehow beats him up (wait. wtf? Yeah, I know. It made no sense to me either.) Evil guy gives power to lame side character chick who then becomes ‘evil’ OH NO SHE DUH ABSORBED DUH DARKNESS! Fuck. You. K? YOU KNOW WHAT’S THE WORST PART ABOUT THIS SERIES? Well, this now evil side character chick suddenly becomes the main big bad antagonist, and her friend (is he like a fuck buddy or something, bitch?) who is a SIDE CHARACTER (I can’t stress that enough) saves her. WHAT, YOU SAY? YOU SAY THAT THE MAIN CHARACTER DOESN’T BEAT THE ANTAGONIST WHO IS ACTUALLY A SIDE CHARACTER BUT ACTUALLY A SIDE CHARACTER BEATS THE EVIL SIDE CHARACTER ANTAGONIST? That’s exactly what I said. So fuck you, Sacred Seven.

No. 6 rant will be up later.

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