Hidan no Aria: Names and Background

Hidan no Aria: Names and Background

Hidan no Aria? Bleh

expecting a review? Well i did this one instead, because i wanted to troll the series one moar time. Light watched a lot of shows so expect a few from him too.

 Well now that i have your attention hear me ramble/rant more on Spring’s failure of an anime, Hidan no Aria.  I actually feel sorry for using such a cute picture on a post like this

 I’m normally good with faithful adaptations, but when you have to incorporate names of particular characters at least try to be accurate. Anyway, one of the many reasons i hated on Hidan no Aria was the naming of the characters(obviously).  Particularly the names of famous historical figures, whether they were fictional or not. A majority of Hidan no Aria’s characters disgrace their family lines.  Although i am fully aware that descendants don’t usually act or have the smiliar talent as their ancestor, they should atleast reflect their ancestor in some way… To hook you in onto this post lets just say someone is related to Genghis Khan AND (freakin) Minamoto no Yoshitsune

 Lets start out with the lead (and most despicable character i have ever seen), Aria

Kanzaki Holmes Aria: Aria is a bratty girl who has the attitude of getting EVERYTHING and EVERYONE she wants.  Anything less, she shoots you.  You like another girl? She shoots you.  You like her? She shoots you.  She has little to zero detective work and just shoots and cuts things before she asks questions.  She’s short, flat chested, and generally a character that tries to hurt you if you say she’s cute.  Aria also lives and names her team off of Baker Street, the living place of the Holmes we know a love.  Aria considers Kinji her “Watson” but treats him like crap. Oh and by the way, its pronounced HO-LMES not OLMES.  Good god, were they scared of getting sued for disgracing the name Holmes?

In contrast: Sherlock Holmes was the polite, although very ecentric man.  A lot of sources that he is leaves his house a mess.  Holmes would absorb the evidence given to him and spend a few hours or even days to deduct his reasonsings and catch the culprit.

Apparently, he possessed great strength but rarely used it.  He once was intimidated by a client’s employer by seeing the man bend a steel chip with one finger.  Holmes casually took the bent chip (after the man left of course) and fixed it without any hesitation.  Like the usual englishman of yore, Holmes had quite the fancy for his pipe.  Holmes treats Watson like a true partner.  He values him and uses Watson to his fullest ability and for the good of solving the mystery.  Although a cunningly smart man, Holmes had proficiency in cane fighting, fencing, pistols, and even martial arts. (props to you Robert Downey Jr, you make Holmes feel alive again.) Hell talking about Holmes reminds me of the archtypal moments in England during the London Fog (a smoky smog that was present in London that made the sceneary although hazardous, quite mysterious.

 Aria apparently got nothing

Now lets talk about Riko, the backstabbing biaatch

Riko apparently is from the family of Arsene Lupin.  Lupin was the French “Gentleman Thief” who was described as being morally good, but just operating on the wrong side of the law.  Although he is not as famous as Holmes or remembered so vividly as he, Lupin was still a famous character.  The name Lupin would be recognized by the series Lupin III.  The grandson of Lupin, Lupin III would adamantly announce his next planned robbery in order to have the thrill of stealing something.  He was accompanied by Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa and on some occasions, his love interest Fujiko Mine.  Eh see what the maker of Hidan no Aria did?

Riko tells us that her full name is Riko Mine Lupin IV.  Apparently, she hates her genius and polite ancestor and wishes to do better than him.  I don’t actually know if you noticed already.  Fujiko Mine and Lupin. Hah, see what they did there? Anyways, although Riko isn’t as terrible as Aria, myabe it was her nature and the jagged character designs. Riko remains a close ally and enemy to Aria which is at least faithful to Arsene’s name.  Arsene was considered good, but just robbed and did crap for the lulz. (not that i’m an expert but they are good literature for me to read)

Well time for the most absurd one yet.

Remember Reki? The anorexic looking sniper? Who only showed up for 2-3 episodes? Guess what? She’s related to Genghis Khan AND Minamoto no Yoshitsune.  To make this post any less tolerable, lets make this quick.  Okay, not knowing who Minamoto Y-man is fine, but not knowing Genghis Khan is pretty sad.  He’s only the world’s most greatest conquerer ever (although he did plow through the territory and killed a lot more villagers than actual warriors).  Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a pretty famous swordsman and kicked a bunch of people’s asses including asses in his own family.  You would expect someone’s ancestors to be pretty skilled with close combat, but no, Reki crap.  I don’t really hate her, i just wished her voice was a little better.

Now i covered most of the characters that kinda made me say What the f*ck while watching, heres a little list of more exploited names

  • Shirayuki’s ancestoral name is Himiko, who apparently was a pretty famous woman for the Japanese and the Chinese during the Han Dynasty or to put it simply The Three Kingdoms period
  • Jeanne obviously was named after Joan of Arc, who in hidan no aria’s time period was a ice ability user.  Who apparently wasn’t burned at the stake.  Looks like she doesn’t fight for god now

There are indeed a few more but the light novel covers them all I seriously hate talking about HNA

Yay moar Jeanne


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  1. Misaka always catches my attention.

    And, yeah I caught most of those references in the series. Total shame though the directors are going to the lengths of using Season 2 chances on the wings if DVD/BD’s were good. Evidently, it is not going to happen anyway.

  2. Wait!, wait wait!, can someone please explain to me how jean’s 3rd generation twin ancestors fought alongside with the original Lupin the 1st if Jeanne is the 30th ?, I dunno if its just the subs but that’s what i read in the subs, I mean Jeanne was the 30th according there while on the other hand Riku was the 4th, its confusing me, please someone explaine.

  3. To begin with, the subs were trolling us for the first half (i think) episodes.

    Why try to make sense out of this when half the things barely make sense eh?

    Jeanne’s hot and thats all that matters to me 😀

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