Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 14-14.5 Review

Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Chapter 14-14.5 Review

I actually wanted to wait for chapter 15 to be released so i can make a double review, but i guess not

Hey Hey, I guess you guys still remember Angel Beats has a prequel manga.  It’s kinda nice to see how everything got together.  If we can’t make a sequel, lets make a prequel amirite?

Well if you have forgotten, the 2nd volume of Heaven’s Door focuses on Hisako and Iwasawa and the formation of their band.  Recall from last chapter where Hisako finally gets Iwasawa to join her in her fight to express herself as a individual through her music

The chapter begins with Iwasawa giving us a little about her past.  If you don’t remember, she discovered the power song and decided to not go to college and decided to pursue a career in music.  However, she got some damage to her head and she wasn’t able to talk anymore.  Depressive stuff aside, Iwasawa finally arrives where Hisako made a makeshift concert stage (it’s actually anything but a stage as it only has speakers) Anyways, they start jamming out which quickly catches the attention of the students and the teachers as well

However popular they are, the teachers try to drive them away, Hisako quickly catches Iwasawa (who i guess had a mental -gasm of some sort because she was in some sort of happy trance).  Once they get to a hiding spot, Iwasawa promptly glomps Hisako stating that experience was the best experience she ever had.  She endearingly states that she NEEDS Hisako.  While they start pouring their hearts on eachother, Angel notices, but decides not to interfere.  Iwasawa promptly ruins the moment as she chooses a horrid name for their newfound “band”.  However, the last panel depicts Hinata beat to a bloody pulp (it’s either Noda or Shiina who probably did it)

Well the 14.5 chapter starts here

A few girls approach Hisako and Iwasawa squealing in fangirlish manner asking them when they will hold another concert.  Obviously, they got nothing and they promise that they will deliver some awesome.  Iwasawa notices that she now has to work on creating some original songs. Later that night, Hisako steps out the shower only to answer the doorbell with Iwasawa behind the door.  Hisako (without changing into…anything) lets her in and starts talking about the future for the band.  Iwasawa starts thinking of names for the band to which Hisako quickly shuts down each attempt.  Suddenly the conversation goes to Iwasawa and Hisako’s cup sizes.  Hisako starts scolding her that their sizes have nothing to do with this, then Iwasawa in a rather cute fashion asks what Hisako’s cup size is anway.  Suddenly Iwasawa flips the table and states that Hisako shouldn’t be worried about her sizes.  Out of the blue (but still in regards to talking about breasts) decides to test Hisako on her “rocker” sensability. Iwasawas gonna poke you with something! Guess what it is

Hisako guesses, she gets it wrong.  Wierd but comprehensible baseball reference.  I digress

However it turns sentimental as quick as it got around talking about breasts.  Iwasawa thanks Hisako for helping her and Hisako is pretty confused.  Suprise, Angel decides to check on the two again.  The duo qucikly try to hide their guitars, Iwasawa slips aaaand

Angel simply states that it is lights out time, they can finish in the morning

Iwasawa quickly goes back to the topic of names while Hisako sulks on what just happened

Simple, nice chapters.  This made me like Iwasawa sooo much.

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  1. The big problem with the main series is that it never gave a lot of the characters depth, so it’s good to know the prequel manga does them justice. I’ll have to check it out soon.

    Although I never pictured Angel in any sort of “Am I interrupting?” scene.

  2. the manga (although not completely) satisfies the lack of depth in the anime. While only a few characters are about, the light novel depicted around 10 characters (including the band)

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