The Weeks Ahead

Goodbye Summer 2011~

(time for me watch Stein’s Gate sooner or later)

Well, with only 1 more episode left in the majority of the 12 episode anime released this past season, the summer series are coming to a close.  But with an end, starts a beginning.  We will be covering the last few episodes (we promise not to go lazy on them like we did the past weeks) and subsequently finish off the season with a bunch of series reviews(actually, give me some time on that, i have 3 series i forgot to watch). I (hippiefreak12)will have idolm@ster to do (yep 25 episodes) along with a fall anime.

Lets talk about that for a second.  So far, idolmaster has been lackluster.  I realized it is basically K-ON with just more girls.  As of right now, it has 11/25 episodes.  So far, it has given me more boring than actual entertainment. Good parts? Smoky Thrill and beach episode, other than that, not TOO many good moments.  The scale favors to the negative side.  Lets see if that switches anytime soon.

The week during the premieres of the Fall anime we (or atleast I, hippiefreak12) will watch most of the premieres and give my short thoughts on them. The episodic coverage of a particular series will probably begin when i’ve found something really enjoyable, find a series i actually anticipiated, or if someone actually steps up to comment and request something from us, not to mention after the majority of the premieres go on.

Stein’s Gate, Ikoku, and Usagi Drop were the series that a lot of bloggers mentioned (still not going to watch Mawaru), i might go finish those series up. I realized that i don’t really want to watch Usagi Drop either, not because i’m lazy but i just hate kids in general…At least Ikoku has to deal with cultural barriers (which i care more about). I also have 3-5 non review posts planned, one of the posts where i actually think on the topic.

EDIT: I got a bunch of drafts i’ll be working on, some are reviews, some are just plain posts that i wanted to write about due to the nature of the seasonal transition and the amount of stuff i wanted to talk about.

I’ll probably do like Working!! 2 or something… I think?

Anyways, thanks for listening and thanks for sticking with us.

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