The IDOLM@STER Episode 11 Review

The IDOLM@STER Episode 11 Review

Oh look, a (wild) subplot has appeared

Well, it does look like this has 25 episodse.  FFS…oh well, i guess i have to cover it.  Alright, let me stop talking and get this on the road

So lets not waste anytime, i got a post that i wrote beforehand that i need to post after this

Fine, i’ll stop talking

So, Haruka starts off our episode, and lookie here, she’s in her school uniform.  Maybe it’s just me, but the school uniform makes her look cuter.  Anyways, apparently Haruka and a few other girls have exams coming up.  Haruka and Yayoi (who also is troubling over exams) being to study.  Just like the guy he is, the Producer finally gets them a job.  What interesting timing.  Oh yeah what job was it? oh nothing just a LIVE PERFORMANCE.

Even i was suprised on how they pulled this off (the past episodes were pretty terrible in getting their careers any better, but it’s anime where a guy falls on top of a girl everyday, i digress).  But the excitment dies down as having a live performance, you obviously need to rehearsals.  Once again, they have troubles (probably due to doing nothing idol[singing and dancing ] related) But what can withstand the ever so cliche power of friendship? (Yugioh abridged reference)

So for now, the girls take a break for the rest of the night.  Haruka was apparently worried on everyone else’s studies, looks like everyone has a study partner.  Oh well, Haruka does what i always do and studies alone for hours hours while music plays.

Skipping to yet another practice scene. Yayoi makes the same mistake and the androphobe starts sulking.  Which prompts even more friendship.  After the reconciliation, the girls decide to check on Ritsuko’s trio, who are already pro’s at dancing (i guess the smaller the workforce the less worry you have to give).  After seeing their friends on a another level in idol-work, everyone group sulks (not as much though). Haruka being the ever so cheery girl she is states an overly obvious statement of hard work leads to success “thing” on their future, trying REALLY hard can usually pull anything off.

Haruka practices alone, Chihaya joins in.  They practice for a DAMN long time and Haruka misses her ride home.  The two decide to sleep at Chihaya’s house.  It’s actually a pretty nice scene, but probably because Haruka’s cheerful attitude negates the depressive mood Chihaya radiates.  But i read up on Chihaya’s story in the games and damn, i stopped hating on her now (but i guess we all had that moment where we learn truths about a few people which gives us a completely new outlook) But even without the game’s background, she mentions right now how her parents finished up their divorce papers.  It also pans out to show a picture of Chihaya and her little brother.  Anyways, nice little scene. 

So the majority of the cast is shown practicing the dance routine and lo and behold, they “perfect” the dance routine the next day and this somehow causes a huge celebration (i thought it was just one part of their dance, looks like it WAS  the entire dance) Anyways, positivy skyrockets in our geiger counter (whats with me and these damn nuclear terms?).  Ritsuko checks on the group and as she leaves, she is approached by Miki. Miki asks if she is able to join her trio…. However, Ritsuko drops the news on Miki’s dreams. 

The next day, the Producer wonders where Miki has gone.  Then he suddenly gets a text message with a frowny face, it’s from Miki…

Oh boy, if i wasn’t informed this was a 25 ep anime, i would have thought it would end at 12 or 13

Anyways, i’m done here

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