Mayo Chiki! Episode 11 Review

Mayo Chiki! Episode 11 Review

Hello. This is actually being typed up the same day as the Baka to Test review, but we have to space things out or else you’ll have nothing to read for the week! And then you’ll be sad, won’t you?

What this implies is: I have a sucky ass cold, the writing/grammar will be horrible, etc.

So if you can bear that, read on for the cute near-conclusion (13 episodes in total) of this series.


Woohoo. It begins. Subaru is binding herself up.

Suzutsuki tries to help Konoe get ready:

Suzutsuki teases her about Subaru’s rapid heartbeat and asks about Jirou.

Haha, she’s just teasing. Kanade then says that if there really is something wrong, feel free to bring it up. Konoe tries to snap out of the trance and breaks the punching bag.

Konoe waits outside Jirou’s house and they walk toward school. Oh look who happened to drop by.

Nice shot!

Oshi- Subaru = kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

She’s a girl, dammit! Usami apologizes to Subaru-sama and gives “him” her bitten bread.

I totally lol’d at the simplicity of that statement. Indirect kiss. Subaru trips, Jirou catches her, she runs off toward school.

Suzutsuki and Konoe and Jirou have lunch together on the roof. Kanade shares her food among them.

Yum. Meanwhile…


Cute… read below for an explanation.

She then goes on to say that it was only ONE drop of wine, to which Jirou says that Konoe is too sensitive.

Again, cute… lol. SUZUTSUKI WAT U DOING?


Subaru: HAI, OJOU-SAMA! -Commence licking-

Jirou forcibly tells her to stop, saying that he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Dense much?

Then she faints. 

Suzutsuki be sad. She asks Jirou to take Konoe to the infirmary, but all is well. Back in class, Suzutsuki is making strange noises.

Basically, Suzutsuki had hiccups, and Jirou covered up for her.

Suzutsuki slapped the nurse with money again… hiccuping.

The CURSED HICCUPS! Her “only” weakness.

Then there is a very boring flashback and stuff about how Suzutsuki’s cute little hiccups as a kid and stuff caused all sorts of people to adore her and want to play docto— ohwait I mean… you know.

4 years ago, there was another incident, which Suzutsuki says that Konoe dealt with quite well. Konoe’s reaction:

LOL. Subaru regains her senses and follows Kanade’s request to go back to the mansion and retrieve the special ‘hiccup-curing items’ or something. Does that exist…? Probably not. Because of what happens next:

Suzutsuki tries to find out what’s going on between Konoe and Jirou; but no cigar. Jirou pushes Kanade off and runs out of the room, bumping into Konoe. Subaru gets somewhat jealous of how ‘well’ her mistress and Jirou get along, bickering, etc.

As Suzutsuki nears the stairs, she trips, and while Subaru tries to catch her, they both end up falling.

Konoe is fine, but Kanade has a purple bruise on her ankle… OH NOES SHE GON DIE?

Nope, she’s fine at the hospital. She tells Subaru not to worry, that it wasn’t her fault, etc. Konoe says she will get her mistress a drink (which she never does) and exits. Jirou follows and is hugged by a crying butler.

The big bad father appears on the scene with some bad news, telling Subaru to go home because:

Oh no! Suzutsuki emerges and tells Subaru that she will talk to her father about this, but Subaru says that it’s okay and that serving Suzutsuki brought her true happiness. Then Konoe runs off. Obviously, Jirou chases after her; he catches her at a bridge. They talk for a brief moment, then Konoe says:

It seems like she’s about to punch him, but instead she kisses him;

Oh no! Fading Subaru! What’s gonna happen?

See you later~

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