Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni! Episode 10&11 Review

Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni! Episode 10&11 Review

Hi guys, Light here. Guess who’s fucked over with a shitload of projects, tests, and caught a cold lately? That’s right, ME.

Not to mention, WP is being a total ass, rantrantrant. But honestly, they need a way to insert pictures faster so I can stop using this damn gallery. See, I didn’t want to waste my precious time while I have a cold editing the HTML code (which is a lot faster than opening the pictures tab, going to gallery, then uploading) for 94 damn images. SO!

Sorry, but there will be no pictures to accompany the text. All of the pictures for the episode are on the bottom.

Again, WP being a total pain in the ass. Sorry.


Episode 10.

Shimada be teh mad porque Yoshii 爱 Himeji. Lolno, but she really is mad that Yoshii picked Himeji over her (GO WATCH EPISODE 9, IDIOTS WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND! :D). She tells Akihisa not to talk to her anymore. Blah, blah, basically, the entire episode is about PREVENTING ESB war with class B, and beginning one with class D so that class F can restore its points. The five members (which is minus Minami) are cooped up in some garage going over the plan. Voyeur spreads the rumor that class D wants to challenge class B to get the B representative worried. Hideyoshi goes with Minami to threaten the yuri-chick. Akihisa gets owned when Yuuji asks Himeji to make some food for him. After this disaster, Voyeur goes to ‘assassinate’ the representative/ambassador from class B with the …things Himeji made. By the way, he does so by distracting everyone with Akihisa’s maid picture. Apparently class B’s rep was talking to class A, and this is proven when Shouko takes Yuuji away after hearing that his mother fell ill. How they know each other is explained next episode. This is obviously a lie set up by Nemoto or whatever his name is (B rep).

On a side note, sorry that my sentences are so bad; I really can’t focus with this cold.

The plan continues, and the meeting happens. The yuri-chick claims that she KNOWS that Minami and Akihisa aren’t going out and drinks a shitload of Yoshii haterade. After everyone else leaves, Yoshii says something that makes yuri-chick FURIOUS and an ESB with class D begins. The ESB soon ends after a short clash between the two reps (Yoshii and yuri-chick; when did he become the rep?). Everyone in class F gangs up on Akihisa, and a truce is declared.

Later, what Akihisa said to yuri-chick is heard… and this guy is smoooooooth like jazz. Which I don’t listen to. Everyone is embarrassed, including the girl standing outside. This girl goes home to see her cute little sister (yay!!!) and says that she may have really fallen for someone. Hmm… Minami. DERPAHERP

Epilogue covers Minami and Akihisa fixing their relationship.

Note: The episode 10 pictures end with the HORRIBLE picture of Shimada looking all embarrassed.


Episode 11.

This is about Yuuji’s childhood. He’s a genius, who thinks he’s the shit. NOT even going to bother with this review. Basically, he’s smart, friends with the cute girl at school (Shouko), and provokes some kids older than him cuz they be so dumb. BY THE WAY, DID I MENTION THAT HIS MOM IS FUCKING SMOKING HOT? Now there’s a MILF. Blah, blah, the older kids come up with a plan to sabotage Yuuji’s shit, Shouko tries to stop them, Yuuji has a talk with his older self, goes in to help her, owns them (while getting beat up as well in the process), and goes home. His mom’s like “QUE PASO AMIGO?” and he’s like “NONE YO BEESWAX. SOME NIBS BE ANNOYING ME, I FUK DEM UP LA. No other reason.” Yuuji goes up to his room, and Shouko comes out from another. Oh look, his mom already knows what happened. She’s cheering Shouko on until the day that she and her son get married.



See you later~

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