The IDOLM@STER Episode 10 Review


A little bit better than the episodes preceding it, but with only 2 episodes left…?, it will be hard to convince me that this series was worth watching.

Lets skip the pleasent and sarcastic introductions we always do.  Schools going on blah blah, i’m pretty sure you’re tired of hearing that.

Lets get going on this (small note: lack of pictures because i’m trying to save space)

So apparently, theres a little athletic competition for rising stars.  This obviously pits rising idols and stars against silly physical challenges.  Expectedly, our crew at the 765 Pro is there to participate.  The President and Otonashi (is once again) staying behind.  I immediately expected the girl in top physical shape to be either Makoto or Hibiki and the least athletic being Iori or Yukiho…

And lo and behold Iori and Makoto bicker for almost the entire episode.  The 765 Team apparently isn’t doing so well in the events.

Well, Azusa runs with those pairs slowing her down.  While the team waits for her expected loss for being at last place (they literally have the mindest of this: She lost but hey, she got a crapload of attention on her.) And with Azusa’s return Iori complains to Makoto.

Somewhere along the lines of Azusa losing but still getting praise while Iori doesn’t (the answer lies somewhere on your chest girly).  Anyways, Iori is called off to join one of the twins and Azusa to participate in other event, Makoto just gets pissed

I’ll say it right now, it’s actually a relief to see the group in its entirety again.

Haruka, being the “jack of all trades” of the group decides to rally everyone and do the typical “we can do this” action and gets everyone pumped. What follows? montage of photos of them “trying hard/[their] best”

Say hello to Shinkan Shoujo, yet another idol team.  I’d say they are 100% ho’s

Well the wheel lands on Yayoi and it is her turn to do something.  I realized that Yayoi has a small figure.  She ultimately doesn’t win the round, she’s cool with that but when she gets verbally (more like psychologically) attacked by one of the b*tches from Shinkan, her overall spirit goes down.

While Ryugu Komachi is promoting themselves, the girls who know the idolm@ster series will probably squeal as the 3-man boy idols AKA: Jupiter make their debut here. Details on that later. Yukiho actually speaks up and notifies us that Jupiter is the hottest thing in the media.  Apparently the girl with the androphobia knows about the most popular boy band. Haruak mentions to us that she met one of their members (remember that brown haired dude who acted like a fag when she bumped into him in…was it episode 3?) Before break begins, Haruka and Hibiki go to show their cheerleading skills, Haruka proceeds to fall down.

Break period begins while Iori comments on the cheapness of the food, they are visisted by a few friends from a friendly company, this time the 876 Pro

If i’m not mistaken, one of those girls is a trap

Anyways, they get a free treat which is always welcome.  Now its time to use the plot device, devilishly disguised as a simple fight in the beginning of the episode, thats right Iori and Makoto’s rivalry becomes a small plot.  Makoto and Iori are paired in the three legged race.  Due to Iori, Makoto just says screw it and runs full speed.  She ends up getting injured, small wound on the knees. They end up losing this event and the bad girls from Shinkan wins.  One of the girls, while trying to gloat, sees how Makoto looks and instantaneously turns lesbian for her.

Makoto’s absemce will cost the companies promotion value greatly, as Makoto is the fastest.  While trying to get another “we can do this” event, Yayoi is despondent because of the insult the Shinkan girls said to her.  After hearing what happened, Makoto “mans-up” (which is kinda wierd).  We skip scenes to our producer talking to the Shinkan producer.  Shinkan’s producer arranged a lot of things to make his group win.  Our Producer being the rightful guy he is refuses to go down without a fight.  Shinkan’s Producer walks off after getting rejected by 765.  While walking down the hall, he meets Iori.  Apparently, Iori’s family company owns the majority of shares in Shinkan’s main corporation.  Shinkan, realizing Iori’s last name then pussies out and backs off.

One looks like a pretty boy, ones stuckup, ones too serious: I.E, i hate them 😀

Well the climatic and predictable race begins, i save you the tension by say: What are you reading it about for? Do you really expect me to write how everyone ran their best, and Makoto suddenly goes Hanai (school rumble reference)

Anyways, predictably Makoto brings it home as she wins the race.  They get a bigass trophy, and obviously they give it to Yayoi (who i expect will melt the gold and get a quick buck out of it) anyways, it ends in a positive attitude

2 episodes left (unless i’m wrong), i wonder when they will get this series to live up the name idolmaster.

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    • Really?? That’s great!…. Kind of…
      Trololol hippiefreak that means you have 2 series to review throughout the fall.
      But seriously, second half better have some development.
      I mean come on they didn’t even show the life of Azusa or MIki yet. (The wedding dress stuff doesn’t count)

  1. One of my favorite epsiodes, since they actually add some of the NDS characters into the act . I am still not a 100% on all the references and inside knowledge, but I plan to play the games soon ^^

  2. oh yeah, i forgot to mention them. Jupiter and the 876 pro characters made appearences in the games. I admit, this episode was a little better than those before it

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