KWZDK Characters pics and info


I really needed to get these pictures out of my comp.  But hey, schools in ession so i might as well use this to sate your eye-lust.  Pics turned out kinda wierd, not what i expected but hey, just click on the one you want.

Saras does turn into a regular character.  She fights against Chris in the light novel and Aikawa ends up saving her life.  Since then she really starts to fall for him (and not just because of dat ass).  She goes as far as calling Aikawa “My darling” and even makes a song dedicated to him…damn.

Kyoko does indeed has a good turnout in the light novel.  She meets Aikawa again (she’s still a criminal) and he convinces her to atone of her actions and turn herself in.  Later she breaks out of the jail because she would be imprisoned for 100 years (or was it 300?)  and that when she would be released, no one she knew would be alive.  Aikawa reassures her that he’ll will be alive, and she takes heart and returns to her confinement.

The girl with the pink hair is Chris.  She was once Arei’s (dai sensei’s) pupil who took part in the coup against the Virie (the world of masou shoujo) Queen.  The coup failed and Chris was turned into an old human male while Ariel remained the same, because of this, she hates her.  She also carries alcohol with her because when she’s drunk she can turn back into a girl.

The red haired girl is Negrelia Nebiros, or Nene.  She is one of the strongest maso shoujo and in the human world, a famous doujinshi artist. She also is an acquaintance of Yuu.  (In a situation i am not currently aware of) Aikawa needs help from Nene, in exchange, Aikawa must help her finish a doujin.  Apparently, unlike many characters in many series, she understands when Aikawa gets into “accidental” happenings like walking into girls changing/walking into a bathroom. During this Haruna, Sera, Yuu, Saras, Tomonori, and Hiramatsu bicker over their feelings for Aikawa, that lucky sonofabitch.  Her magic is mostly negating other magic.

Taeko remains the same i think, the cute normal girl who risks of her life of competing her affections against ninjas, necromancers, and god knows what else.

The last loli girl is from what i can make out is the Queen Ariel proposed to perfom a coup on.  She is Lilia Lilith who accidentally ran into Aikawa, kissed him and ran away.

Aand theres also a blonde guy who happens to be a megalo, but acts as a human pretty nicely.  He is actually one of Aikawa’s friends. He never appears in the anime and i don’t really have pics on him.

Aikawa’s Harem Circle slowly grows.  Haruna obviously likes him, Yuu shows concern with the girls he’s with, Sera kinda warms up, Yuki wants to be steady, Saras literally loves him, Kyouko seems to appreciate him by that fact that she will see him in her future.

I hope season 2 is more on the fanservice+story part that made season 1 so enjoyable to watch for me.  I hope they don’t completely make the series a PURE fanservice in the omake chapters that don’t really flesh out the plot, IE more plot equals more characters.

By the way, heres a link to a chinese site that has the chinese translated manga of two KWZDK mangas

This link is the 2nd manga while the first one is in the sidebar


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