4 Episode Post – Weekly Failure


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Hi. Recently I’ve been addicted to the ancient game Earthbound, discovered by peepz last millennium. Hmm? What’s that you say? Oh, right. It WAS in the last millennium.  Hell i showed it to you

Just putting this out there: did you know that I have more legs than is average?

Anywayyyyyy… so I’ve been playing Earthbound for about 3 days now. I’m like 3/4 of the way done, so cut me some slack this week. LUCKY FOR ME, ALL THE EPISODES I WAS SUPPOSED TO REVIEW/WATCHED THIS WEEK SUCKED TOTAL BALLS. Miine sucked too man.

Let’s go through each and one of them, and I will rant about how many bricks I shatted due to how awesomely horrible the eps were. 

Let us begin with Baka to Test, which is always late in subbing, and we’ll finish with my job, idolm@ster.

The 4-series review begins here.

Baka to Test: DAMMIT, DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I WAITED FOR THIS EP? FUUUUUUU- I need my weekly comedy, k? This week was NOT funny at all (or it was hardly funny, for the most part). The only part I enjoyed was Hideyoshi acting like he was in love with Akihisa for a role, and Akihisa becoming flattered for real. And no, I am not a damn yaoi fan. I just wish Hideyoshi was a reverse trap. Basically, what goes down in this episode is Minami kisses Akihisa, which triggers the start of failure. Himeji gets jealous, Yuuji is getting attacked with a kiss from Kirishima, etc. Not to mention, the yuri-lover-who’s-also-in-love-with-Shimada is pissed off at Akihisa. Thus: Class D is going to start a war with Class F. What’s the problem? If Class F loses, which it will, desks –> juice boxes and Himeji has to leave the school. So Yuuji comes up with a plan to explain the misunderstanding that occurred during the training camp (after Akihisa explains it to everyone) and makes sure the yuri-lover finds out that Shimada is not going out with Yoshii. It works, but then the gang find out that Class B is attempting to start a ESB with Class F. Now the crew must start a war with Class D, by making yuri-lover jealous again with an act. …It doesn’t really work, because Himeji gets jealous in the middle of the plan and runs away. Shimada feels as though Akihisa chooses Himeji over her when he runs after Himeji during the act. The episode ends with both girls saying, “Baka.”

Mayo Chiki!: Tits or gtfo. Not even kidding. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THIS EPISODE? Beautiful confession to Jirou from Konoe, and now we’re watching the damn Rabbit in a maid uniform working with Jirou? What is this I don’t even. Not even going to waste my time on this one. Quickly: Usami called over Kinjiro to ask him to come work with her. He agreed. Suzutsuki comes in. She does her shit and makes the place a sexy yet living hell. Kanade gave Subaru the slip. Subaru looking for Suzutsuki. Konoe finds Suzutsuki. Kanade to leave. Jirou asks Konoe before the master and butler leave what she meant that night “I don’t want to be just friends.” And of course, a lame cover-up. HEY, JIROU. I DON’T WANNA BE JUST FRIENDS. LET’S BE BEST FRIENDS. To hell with that. And the episode concludes its failure by making me shat bricks as Jirou finds out his set ringtone on Usami’s phone is something about friends’ trust. Fag rabbit chase stupid chicken. Curtain falls upon the stage (not literally).

R-15: I will go into even less detail on this. Complete BS. Buchou is worried that the Newspaper Circle will get shut down and talks about how she has nowhere to go then. This gets Taketo interested, and he looks into her background (with Ran’s help) and finds pictures of her from every era. ??? So Akutagawa and Utae chase/stalk Buchou constantly, with Buchou magically disappearing. During this all-too-trite chase, every now and then Buchou is in a dark room on a call, and Narukara is playing clarinet while thinking of Taketo. The chase concludes when Akutagawa follows Buchou into Narukara’s room with Utae. Narukara is happy to see Taketo, but suddenly devastated to see Sonokae with him. She goes all emo until and perhaps after the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Buchou has disappeared and does not reappear again until Akutagawa leaves the room. Somehow, she appears next to Narukara. Buchou for the last time lures Taketo and Utae into a strange room. I believe it was due to extreme temperature/some gas that they were losing consciousness, but the pair fainted. Akutagawa wakes up to Buchou’s figure, who leaves while she tells him that there are things in this world he shouldn’t investigate. Lame ending? Yes. I mean it never explained who the fack she was.

The IdolM@STER: Yet again, the idols stop being idols and just do random crap around the office.  I can understand where they’re trying to go with “small jobs and rise up to idols” but i really just don’t see how it will end up.  Following that format will cause them to be idols at the end? thats pretty gimmicky as it basically begs for a second season to be actually called Idolmasters.  Anyways, this week’s episode featured the twins.  Like most of the episodes, idol-ing is completely out of the picture. Instead of singing or working, it’s rather hunting down characters who took Iori and the Twins’ pudding cup.  If you knew any better, you would just stop here and thats exactly what i’m going to do (spoiler: the twins ate the jelly which caused Miki to eat the pudding and literallly wanted to blame someone else) Moar Miki plz

I got a few backup post for the picture hungry guests, don’t worry fellas. Have a gift 😀

~We’re sowwy~

See you later~ 

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  1. The plot sounded decent-ish enough for me to give it a watch. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t really good either, just another harem.

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