A Little Delay


Oh hi there

Well as of Noon of September 4th, Mayo Chiki and R-15 has been subbed.  No idea hows Baka to Test is going, but Idolm@ster is currently not subbed yet.  Light should be posting but i’m giving him a break for the weekend, but not tomorrow though, and same goes for me.  Why? Well today is indeed a sunday where we live, and our schools gave us Monday off because it’s Labour Day.  We both aplogoize for not posting this week but expect a few by tomorrow or later tonight.  And also if you didn’t notice, our sticky post has been turned into a nice little mini-banner.  The chart for upcoming anime, our pics, and our list (if your interesed), and also the complimentary Miku picture is there as well)

The reason we ain’t doing this now? Aside from the homework we are…


Light is playing Earthbound (which i made him play but looks like he’s enjoying himself) and i’m playing the Metal Gear Solid ( the first one).  Anyawys, just want to give you guys a heads up that the post will come late, but hey enjoy that picture 😀

EDIT!: Apparently Idolm@sters sucked too, so expect a short post.

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