Mayo Chiki! Episode 8 Review


By the way… THIS is the best episode yet. So READ IT.


Bow down to my mightiness. For I am here to bring you a couple-of-days-old-fuck-you-Light Mayo Chiki! review.

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Moving on. Here’s the Mayo Chiki! Episode 8 review. Btw, I’m going to begin limiting my pictures starting today. So it’ll be a lower picture count, with only cute/funny/sexy scenes.

By the way, this’ll be a different type of review; pictures on top, review on bottom. I’ll basically tell what happens in the episode in less than 750 words. Hopefully.

So it’s the second day here at whatever this place would be, and the 2nd episode of what seems to be a 3 episode arc. The ending is really cute, by the way. DON’T SKIP. The weird Committee chairwoman (I forgot her name), asks Subaru, with her newly-won sheep ticket, to read a yaoi book of hers. Subaru reads it and CHUCKS it out the window. The chairwoman jumps after it, saying “I CAN FLYYYYY” and falls to her very sudden doom. So. Shit happens, and it’s night. Suzutsuki and her gang are sleeping, all sexily tucked in their bed- RAPE TIME- but Jirou wants to go sit in the bath/hot spring thing. So he goes, only to see Konoe already in the male section, since her ‘female cousin’ had already left. Regardless, the two awkwardly both volunteer to leave, and Jirou plans to get out first.

However, the big bad dad of Konoe comes trolling inside and leers at Kinjiro. USE LEER ATTACK! Jirou’s defense fell! After having some casual conversation about Konoe (who is hiding behind Jirou’s big, broad shoulders), the daddy gets up to leave. THEN SUDDENLY THE DADDY COMES BACK. DADDY BE ALL WHY U HAZ KONOE’S PANTIES? and attacks Jirou. Subaru jumps up to match him in the air and kicks her dad’s ass. Jirou is staring at Konoe’s naked body as she stands up in the bath… to which she responds by knocking him out.

The next day, all the girls and Jirou have ‘fun’ on the beach. It’s actually more like torturing Kinjiro for enjoyment, but eh who cares. Not like anyone likes him, anyway (anyone that’s 3D). Konoe can be seen looking a bit down, though…

It’s time for a festival. The chicas come in with their yukatas and look all nice and crap, but Konoe isn’t there. By the way, all the girls other than Suzutsuki now think that Subaru has gone somewhere and her female cousin has returned. So: shit happens at the festival, yes I used “shit happens” twice this review, and Suzutsuki shoots a bunny and trololol’s @ Unami, whose name sounds a lot like bunny. Jirou looks for Konoe, meets her daddy, gets saved by Suzutsuki, and continues onward to meet her at a grave.

This is Subaru’s mother’s grave, and this is the reason why Suzutsuki had not wanted to leave on a vacation; leaving would have meant that Konoe would not have been able to visit on the anniversary (of her death, I presume). Konoe cries, Jirou comforts, and Konoe introduces her late mother and Kinjiro. Jirou faints in her arms.

Oh look, it’s time for the main event of the festival! The winner of the Miss Yukata or whatever is——– Subaru’s “cousin”. She is entitled to give a kiss to whoever wins this contest/event. The game is… something like paintballing? The Committee chick gets drunk on soda (how many times have we seen things like this happen in anime before) and begins taking off everyone’s clothes at light speed. Wtf. Not so common. Look at pics for details. Eventually, Suzutsuki defeats this chick by throwing Jirou’s fake glasses somewhere into the lake. Kanade tells Kinjiro that the two are the only ones left and that he was very cool, but she has to win. Jirou is knocked out.

And the winner is: Kanade Suzutsuki! Yayy. Subaru gives her a kiss. Later, Jirou wakes up to see only Subaru near him. Apparently, the chairwoman of the Committee has gone on a rampage, stripping people, in anguish of Jirou’s “broken” glasses. After some idle chatter, Kinjiro and Subaru watch the fireworks together.

By the way, Subaru looks so cute in a yukata with her sheep…

And the stunning finale of the episode…

Scroll to the bottom for a…












See you later~

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