The IDOLM@STER Episode 8 Review


It was an enjoyable episode.  I recently decided that the IDOL work will come at the end and they will just keep producing character episodes instead of actual idol-work

This week, we have an Azusa episode! oh joy.  The episode starts rightfully so with her in a wedding dress.  The Producer has gotten photo shoots for Azusa, Miki, and Makoto.  While Azusa and Miki are in a gown and a dress, Makoto is suited up with a tuxedo much to her chagrin.  Azusa comments on her photoshoot and that she was very suprised that she would be wearing a wedding gown because of her age.

She was getting married to the Producer, jokes aside, i could see that happening.

During break, Azusa calls her friend and ends up outside.  Being the clutz she is, she already says she’s lost.  Out of nowhere, another lady in a wedding gown runs into her and drops her ring box. While Azusa tries to return it, several men in suits (thinking shes the other woman) take Azusa away.  Makoto witnesses this and alerts the Producer

The Producer and Makoto go and try to find Azusa while Miki decides to stay and take over the photo shoot. The “kidnappers” take a look at Azusa and realize their mistake in getting the wrong woman.  Azusa leaves the car and wanders about, trying to find her way back to the photoshoot.  But instead of that, she starts helping people.

As pretty as Azusa is, Miki doesn’t get lost nor talks slowly

The Producer and Makoto are still catching up to her.  Azusa, while stil wandering town is pulled in to being a street fortune teller for a while.  A man in a tuxedo asks her a question on how to find his love, being novice, she is able to tell him to check the docks.  While doing this, Makoto engages one of the men in suits in a fight (she thinks they are still kidnappers)  Makoto further (inadvertantly) reinforces the fact that she is more tomboyish instead of girlish and she is able to beat the men in suits.  The people watching the fight think its a movie (when there are no cameras around.)  Azusa actually finds the lady that bumped into her and chases after her to return the ring box she dropped

Apparently people who saw Azusa were captivated by her beauty and started following her, in addition to the guys in suits, the Producer and Makoto.  While all this madness was going on, Miki was still doing the photoshoot and notes that the scene with everyone chasing Azusa would be a great picture.

The madness ends as Azusa finally (in the sunset background) gives back the ring near the docks, and the man in the tuxedo appears.  Apparently the bride never knew how her fiance looked, and she instantly changes her mind and decides to marry him

With the chaos and confusion settled and back at the production company, Azusa, Miki, and Makoto have been very well recieved and the large photo with Azusa being chased as heen used multiple times, a big plus for the company.  The episode ends with Azusa being notified that if she wears a wedding dress if no intention of getting married, her real marriage would be delayed.  Well isn’t that a nice way to end.

Thats episode 8, 4 more episodes and i’m free.

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