Apologies and Baka to Test/R-15 This Week


It’s been 3 days since I started school, and my teachers have screwed me over. I have shit tons of homework to do.

Therefore, I will apologize now for not being able to put up Baka to Test (which was subbed INSANELY fast, by the way) and R-15 this week.

But to find out what happens in these episodes, continue reading. Also, in apology for being unable to review these two episodes this week, hippiefreak and I will provide some fan art/eye candy pictures, so check again later.

Baka to Test Episode 8: This episode takes place 1 year ago, when Shimada moves from Germany to Japan. She has a weird ass accent that is so horrifyingly ugly, all my impressions of her are now negative. Shimada meets Yuuji, who is a delinquent…?, Hideyoshi, a girl…?, and Yoshii, an idiot. Shimada cannot speak/understand Japanese very well, so she struggles. When her classmates all try to talk to her because she’s interesting (foreign people! MUST TOUCH), she shuts them up by using a phrase some other girl used in the morning. Smiling, Shimada tells her classmates, “Shut up, you filthy pigs.” Anyway, Akihisa tries to befriend her, but she thinks that he is making fun of him; therefore, with her ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ENGLISH, Shimada tells him, “You are a shit man.” GOD. I want to kill that voice. As for her body, I’d rap– I mean yeah. Akihisa memorizes a French phrase (although he actually meant to learn German), asking Shimada, “Could you be my friend?” Unlucky for him, Shimada thinks he’s making fun of her again, and tells him to fuck off. Not really, but she rages at him. Later, Yuuji tells Shimada to look up what Yoshii said, and when she finds out by going to look it up at a library instead of a computer… she finds out what he said. I mean WATDAFACK. YOU HAVE SUMMONED BEINGS BUT NO COMPUTERS? Shimada cries after realizing what happened. At school, she later cheerfully greets Akihisa as he walks in and begins to say… “Watashi…” (I…) Akihisa thinks she is saying “What a shit.” lolque. Anyway, the episode ends with Shimada confessing something, “You know, I…” -END- Wtf?

R-15 Episode 8: It’s a day off, and everyone at school is leaving the Academy (for once). Taketo makes plans to go to town with Ritsu; Narukara does the same with Ran. Taketo and Narukara leave for town together, because Ritsu and Ran arrive late. They have some cream puffs and stuff… and eventually end up at a love hotel. A lot of shit happens, and Narukara acts bold as usual, not caring whether Taketo is in the room or not while changing after a shower and reading the diary kept in the hotel room. Meanwhile, throughout the episode, Utae is trying to find an opportunity to get close to Akutagawa, but to no avail. At the end of the episode, Taketo and Narukara are reunited with Ritsu and Ran. Utae is watching the four from a distance… poor lonely idol. Buchou is watching this scene from a high place— she’s on top of a tall building, standing on top of her two bodyguards’ shoulders… yeah. She does some crazy laugh or something and obviously has malicious intent.


See you later~

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