The IDOLM@STER Episode 7 Review


Another character spotlighted episode instead of actual “idol” work.  Oh well

School’s starts in less than a week and Light’s gotten his huge workload down to just Baka to Test, i only had 1 episode to do, and instead of working, i just sat around playing Dawn of War II (look it up).  Well, time to get off my lazyass, stop playing games, and stop with my picture hunting.  Lets get this done

This time, instead of featuring character whose not a downer or anyone who is kinda off, this episode instead features Yayoi and Iori.  The episode starts off with Iori’s house (if you forgot, she was pretty rich).  While getting interviewed, she tries to mention her work as an aspiring idol.  However, that is overshadowed by her familys work (namely her father and brothers).  Everyone else in the company was watching the t.v.  The Producer tries to help Iori, but like the tsun attitude she has, she rejects that offer.  While discussing their problems with their family’s opinions of them being idols, Iori invites Yayoi and Hibiki to dinner, only to have Yayoi back out because she has to prepare dinner of her family.  Yayoi then invites them for dinner at her house instead.

Being  completely spoiled, Iori calls the average supermarket

Well, Iori criticizes but still compliments the selection here (man, where else does she think stuff comes from?) Predictably, Yayoi tutors Iori in picking the right kind of food worth buying. 

The 3 finish shopping and arrive at Yayoi’s home.  Apparently, both her parents are working and she’s the oldest kid in the house.  She helps out her younger siblings.  While she cooks, Iori and Hibiki play with Yayoi’s younger siblings. Dinner is served, Hibiki turns on a t.v and bam, lights go out.  But that doesn’t stop them from eating.

For some reason I didn’t pay enough attention to understand, one of Yayoi’s siblings (one of the older ones amongst the young ones) gets mad at Yayoi and runs away.  Iori decides to stay with the younger siblings while Hibiki and Yayoi go find him.

This episode had like one quarter of it left, so what else to take time? They can’t find him of course, and who ya gonna call to find him? Ghos-the producer of course.  But still, they can’t find him.  Eventually, Iori decides to stop being a tsun-bitch and decides to help out, effectively finding Yayoi’s brother in the toolshed.  She shares her sentiments of being a younger child with him and convinces him of coming out of hiding.   In the end, all is well

And in the end, the episode, still was average.

But it did convince me that Iori can be a little nice.

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