R-15 Episode 6&7 Review


Dammit… Episode 7 was 100 pics. I was hoping to not pass 100 again but you know.

Sigh… I wonder what’ll become of Baka to Test tomorrow. God, spare me. Honestly, I have to get started on my book. 

Well… since I’m tired today and have no time for lame jokes, let’s cut right to the chase.

The review begins here.


Random note: He looks pretty cool with his hair like this (in the pic above).

Yes, why yes he is. Taketo is in a slump and does not even find pantyshots exciting anymore after having written thousands of novels inspired by them. This is the first time Buchou looked like she cared, and she looked pretty cute, so here’s a picture.

Shit happens, and Buchou shows Taketo a video of a new team vs. a former great team, and the new team wins. Thanks to:

And with that, Buchou makes Kurabu and Taketo stay inside this… thing.


Taketo can’t do it. Kurabu goes to change and comes out looking like this. She does a cheer…

Well okay then. Kurabu constantly annoys Taketo throughout this episode, I might add. For example, when she cooks for him.

Squid eyes… or something. They’re good for the brain, apparently.

-Later- Taketo has a fantasy.

Taketo yells, “Watch your language!” And Kurabu changes her answer to the eye. 

As shown above, Raika wakes Taketo up with a picture. This made me realize that she has some nice breasts. During the exchange between Taketo and Raika, Raika tells Taketo that having Kurabu on one’s side guarantees success but… everything comes with a price.

Kurabu answers Akutagawa’s phone when his editors call and states that she is his manager. Taketo tells her to tell the editors that he is not here…

I always knew cheerleaders were dumb.

Raika leaves. Eventually, Taketo snaps.

What stops him is Narukara’s clarinet practice, which motivates him to try harder too (since she is working hard even this late at night).

Taketo wakes up, tired, the next morning. He recalls the events. Kurabu was up all night reading the words off Taketo’s books and moaning. How the hell could you not like that?

Ritsu comes over to check how Taketo’s doing and sees this:

Taketo says that his situation’s rough, which sets Ritsu off. Taketo has another fantasy.

I don’t quite get this one. I’m sure Oman means something in Japanese… but unfortunately I’m not Japanese. So suck my dick. Wait, I’m sure everyone who visits this site is a guy. So don’t.

Utae comes over with a homemade bento for Taketo. Look how much work she put in.

Note: He means the chopsticks.

Later, Kurabu comes back and unknowingly forces Utae to leave. With 3 hours left, Kurabu gives it her all to motivate him.

Eventually, Taketo snaps and rages at her. Crying, Kurabu apologizes and leaves.

Not long after, Akutagawa is about to chase after Katsuyo (Kurabu) when she comes back. And this time !!!

The men all rub against him and shit, it’s really disgusting. So I removed the scenes. R-18 and explicit gay material. Not really. But it was really gay. So never again. Please. Taketo has a fantasy.

And with the pain that he receives from “MUSCLE” Taketo finishes his porno. Something about heaven and hell. Go out and buy it if you really want to know. Taketo is in the hospital due to fatigue and evidently has a trauma of muscles.

Stupid cheerleader Kurabu returns.

And that is the death of Akutagawa. Episode 6 and the series end.

If only it did. I wouldn’t have to review this. Then again, I would miss my weekly porn.

The 100 picture episode 7 review begins here.

Yes, that is literally what happens. These pictures take place just before the opening: girls sleeping in the girls dorm.

Are we perhaps getting a sneak peek at the legendary girls’ dorm?

This is the life of girls in the girls dormitory. While the girls are eating, a plate falls and cracks. No one is near the plate. What has happened?

Of course. Who else but our erotic novel writer, Akutagawa?

Though… I wonder who made the suit? Anyone have a wild guess?

Trololol. I got itttttttttttttttt offfffffff eeeeeeeeeBay. Old song. Moving on, Buchou wants Taketo to experience the girls’ dorm and write something very smexy.


Why the fuck would you need to do that? That’s Ran on the computer, by the way.

This is a fantasy, by the way. The real chick is wondering why she has the feeling someone is watching her. Then she sees this and screams.

Then arrives a new face.

No one important at all.

Taketo’s like, oh shit. And thus he goes somewhere to hide, accidentally stumbling upon paradise.


Fantasy time.

While he does this, the inhabitant of the room returns to find this scene.

Hey, nice to see you again.

I know, right? Even more scientific are the two girls that come next.

Pretty hot, though. So who cares?

Ran makes a move on the black haired girl.

But Botan does it as well. Hyprocrites.

Yes. It’s called lesbianism.

Meanwhile, Taketo is trying to get out of this place, but Buchou won’t let him. She tricks him into staying by saying something about Akutagawa’s very own ‘revolution’.

Also, when Taketo gets excited, the suit can’t maintain invisibility mode (depending on how excited he is the less invisible it gets).

He then stumbles upon Utae. Here are some nice pics.

Fantasy. Now.

NICE SHOT! Utae, you really are the best!

Utae then turns around. A WTF moment.

Taketo resumes walking around. Taketo is wondering why this place is exciting him more than it should. 

He discovers it is because everyone is so easy-going and defenseless here. 

Akutagawa now knows who to stalk.

What… kind of issues?



The brown haired chick asks if it feels like someone is watching them. She could be a good ninja.

Taketo is discovered! He got too excited!

As he bursts out, the black haired exorcist arrives to defeat the great evil demon thingy.

Damn. HOTTTTTTTTT. Apparently this chick thinks that her ‘powers’ are working… are all hot girls like this?

Taketo counters with a fantasy.


The other exorcist comes and throws holy water on Taketo.

Taketo uses his skills again to defeat the second girl.

And the result:


Buchou finally gives Akutagawa permission to leave, but all is not well.

Wait. What?

Is that even legal?

Meanwhile, someone has just woken up from her slumber.

Buchou gives one last piece of advice before she leaves Taketo to fend for his own. The other reason why the suit is getting less effective is because…

LOL. Fail? Buchou mentions something about denying all ties/connections with Taketo should he be captured. She even does the famous scene from every single spy movie.


Wait. What the fuck is this? Some kind of S-class jail for serial killers? And apparently porno writers.

Since the ghost thing likes ero, the girls decide to use this to their advantage. And they come out looking all SEXY.

What rules…….? 

Akutagawa is discovered! He runs all over the girls’ dorm and ends up in !

Wutthefux. She’s a damn ninja, I tell you. Raika could kick Naruto’s ass any day.

And with that, Raika helps Taketo escape.

The girls run up to Raika and ask if she saw the ghost, to which she answers that the ghost went into the well/passage. It is sealed off. 

I honestly would’ve found it more funny if the passage was a dead end. But you know.

The ghost has gained some popularity, by the way.

And Taketo’s article (that he painstakingly worked for) is given a tiny corner with like 7 words. Whoop. FINALLY DONE.

See you later~

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