Mayo Chiki! Episode 6&7 Review


¡Hola! Me llamo Light, y estoy aquí to finish that damn review that I’ve been stalling for two weeks. FUUUUUUUUUUUU-

Anyway, let’s start with a personal story cuz I’m a self-centered, egoistical bastard who is awesome as hell. WE DO DUH COMIC CON. I discovered my fetish for little girls. Wait. What?

No, not really. Something interesting: I have 5 days until the start of school, 180 pages to read in a book as boring as hell (about medicare; 60 pages took me forever to read because I’m a lazy ass who can’t stop reading manga), and I have 3 eps of Baka to Test to review, along with 2 eps of R-15 and this.

So cut me some slack if the quality of my posts has gone down. Kthx.

So now we start episode 6.


So the episode begins. 

YEAHHHH gooo Konoe! Looking good in that… Chinese dress-thing?

So, the school festival continues/begins. Konoe is still angry at Jirou for breaking his promise. Let’s take a look at the festival.

Look right there ^^^^^^ She be duh nude.

Usami be duh neked. 

-A couple of minutes are skipped here-

What happens in those minutes: Usami’s like, YO NIG SAKAMACHI! WE GOT DATE. LEZ GO. So the wimpy Chicken and the gay Rabbit go on a ‘date’. At some point, Usami promises Jirou that she will make him home-cooked food. Actually, that might be later in the episode. It doesn’t really matter when it happened anyway (but it has a relation in the next, sexy episode). Usami’s about to feed Jirou when Konoe sticks out something very spicy (I think it was a hot dog with mustard or something?). She’s like, “We’re friends, so I’m going to be super overprotective and make sure she doesn’t make any moves on yo— I mean, make sure you two don’t do inappropriate things.” PLEASE DON’T GO TSUN, KONOE!

Konoe and Jirou (apparently Usami is now the third wheel) take a short break at the animal café. Look who’s running it.

I have to say, I like this pic. Probably the only one I like of Usami.

Some random shit happens, along with Jirou ditching Usami because she told him to leave. Watch the episode if you REALLY want to know, I’m really here for the fan service. Meanwhile, while Kureha and Konoe are doing H in the bathroo- I mean, doing something else, this happens.

And this chairwoman of the Committee reveals that she knows EVERYYYYTHING and blah, blah, tries to get Jirou on her side. Usami comes over and kicks her ass:

Of course, the stalker. Then Usami apologizes to Jirou, saying that she lied to him from the start and tries to knock him out.

Konoe: “You! What are your intentions?” (Said like a BOSS.)

Usami runs away, crying.

Jirou explains everything to Konoe, random stalker Committee leader fangirl wakes up, and the three head to the war.


Jirou, Subaru, and random stalker Committee leader boys-love fangirl are disguised and at the place where the war will take place. Some person goes up to the mic and says:

Oh… you bitch. LOL

Oh… you moar bitch.

And Jirou shouts out:

Guess whose identities have been revealed?

Before the war can break out, the event begins with:

What the fuck? This is a damn religious cult and stalking. Damn illegal! By the way, Chicken and Subaru are on the Committee’s side.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy. Subaru shouts out:

and inadvertently pushes the button.

This question decides life or death for Jirou, so he begs Konoe to answer it. Is everyone in anime just plain stupid or what?


Everyone from the S4 is getting ready to kill Jirou. Many times over.

Kinjiro runs up to the stage and asks Suzutsuki to do something. Suzutsuki teases him by asking why.

I swear, my favorite character in this series is Suzutsuki. SUCH A GREAT SADIST. And damn hot, too. If only there were someone this great in our 3D world.

That shuts Jirou up. He needs an excuse, so he desperately shouts,

Jirou confesses to Suzutsuki, and Suzutsuki rejects him while moving backwards behind the curtain. And outside, the truth is revealed.



Jirou asks about Usami.

Jirou acts all manly and shit (we all know no one cares about those scenes) and finds Usami to ask about what’s going on. Usami tells her life story about how she was so lonely and had no friends, just like Subaru.

Then Usami found out that Subaru had a friend and was mindfucked. NOOOOO! she desperately yelled, as the man of her dreams was taken away by anoth— no, that was just shit I made up. But the first sentence was true.

Meanwhile, Konoe finds out that the confession to Suzutsuki was a lie.

I’m sorry, can we have main characters with IQ’s over 3, please?

Blah, blah, Jirou has a new friend, her name is Usami. Usami formally befriends Konoe, and the episode ends with Usami telling Jirou that she will cure his gynophobia. She also tells him to call her by her first name. Masamune or something. Who cares, she’s not all that hot. All you Usami-lovers, HATE ON.

And that is the end of episode 6.

Episode 7 begins here.

Okay, just a short note before I start this episode.

I really trolololol’d at the subs this week. Oh my GOD, were they horrible. A couple of English/American actors and we already have a English dub.

So that you don’t get confused by the horrible name subbing, here’s a little key. This is what happens if you piss off the subbers.

John = Jirou

Konoe = Karen

Kureha = Carol

Baka chiki = Turkey…?

Masamune = Megan

Kanade Suzutsuki = Karen Smith = Sister Kan (Konoe’s name for Kanade when pretending to be Konoe’s girl cousin)

So, let’s begin the hottest episode I have ever seen, with 111 pictures.

Wait… what the fuck just happened? The English name subs are kind of gay as FUCK… Jirou then falls asleep due to the drink that Konoe gave him. Konoe apologizes, saying that a butler can’t oppose her master.

Konoe’s wondering…

Jirou wakes up to find:

OH YOU BASTARD. DAMN LUCKY JIROU. YOU MUST DIE NOWWWWWWW. YOU FUCKING SLEPT WITH HER YOU AKLSDFJGOIEHRIGJKLSDFJ. By the way, Suzutsuki turned on the TV, and Jirou found out that he had been sleeping for roughly 19 hours (noon-7AM).

Adorable pic… ^^^



Lord, let me take Jirou’s place.

Flashback to what Suzutsuki did:

Jirou’s ticked off, and wants to change.

Ohhhh…. my god… prepare to die a painful death, you mother fu—-

Konoe and Jirou both remember Konoe’s first kiss (at the pool).

Wait what the fuck? Salway? Salway = Sakamachi.

Don’t piss off subbers. 


Damn right, they are. And consider yourself lucky! YOU GOT TWO HOT GIRLS!

NICE. Cute bikini…………………… 😀

Ah… the infamous sunblock-at-the-beach-rub-all-over-body. Hmm?


End of that (for now). Konoe comes up to Jirou and asks whether he would like to do watermelon-breaking or dig holes in the sand.

Jirou’s scared and runs away, saying he will get them drinks.

Subaru asks Suzutsuki if she hasn’t yet told Jirou ‘it’ yet, and Suzutsuki says:

What is this secret?

Jirou is going to get some drinks, but some kid bumps into him, making him drops his glasses in the sand. They’re dirtied with the sand, so he comes in without them.

Who does this look like?

With a glasses fetish?

WAIT. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? Is correct. I LOVEE Kureha’s face while she eats the noodles, though. She looks pretty cute and innocent :3

The story is that Kureha and the gang were supposed to be at a training camp, but they fell behind and got chased by:

And now they’re broke.

Konoe calls and asks what the hell is taking Jirou so long.

Jirou wildly tells her not to, and Konoe complies, but…

Jirou runs out with Konoe and Suzutsuki before anyone can see them.

Subaru complies… but asks:

Hot ^^^


Again, IQ over 3, please.

And so Subaru reluctantly calls Suzutsuki “Sister Ken” (Ken = Kana).

Suzutsuki is “shocked” and “afraid” she may have created a monster. Don’t quite get it.

Total harem ^

The Committee’s chairwoman, with her glasses fetish, says that she is glad to have found a worthy successor to some person’s (don’t remember name) glasses. Suzutsuki comments that Carol is funny. And the three seen laughing go:

Made my day.

Usami asks why Jirou is lying. IS SHE ONTO HIM?

Or… not. Here’s some pictures to explain what happens next.

Usami says that she doesn’t believe Kanade (Suzutsuki), calling Jirou her trustworthy friend.

And to prove that she is a good friend of his:



Poor Konoe </3

Sad pretty girl. JIROU GO DIE.

Usami makes him some good food and then tries to help cure Jirou’s gynophobia.

That was pretty hot.

With that misunderstanding cleared (that Jirou and Usami have nothing going on) the two return to the beach to find Usami begging Kanade.

These last couple minutes are boring, so I’ll sum it up. Konoe’s father comes to pick up Suzutsuki and Konoe, but obviously, the group can’t reveal Konoe to be Konoe. And so the two girls put on a scene:

Subaru’s father get pwned, and the episode ends with Subaru looking off to the distance…



See you later~ (now I have to go read my damn book, and it’s already 5 o’ clock. This review took me 3 fucking HOURS!)

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