Top 4 from VA [Kana Hanazawa]


Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo~! I’m not supposed to be posting this right now, as I have a shitton of homework to do, so don’t get your ass in a twist when I say I’m doing this.

My reviews for the episode will come next week, as I’ve just discovered that:

1. I have school in 9 days.

2. Baka to Test is a 3 -episode arc. (Maybe 4? Unlikely.)

It will be listed as [ranking on my list/ranking on hippiefreak’s list].

Now… let us begin the top four anime characters voiced by the voice actress, Kana Hanazawa.

[#1/#2] Charlotte Dunois from IS: Infinite Stratos

Light: Mah kinda girl, she’s shy and super cute, and due to a super strange fetish of mine, I like it when she pretends she’s a guy. Not to mention that she’s totally French, which we all know = hotness. Char is one of my anime goddesses. Kana is my voice actress goddess. I haz a mug of Infinite Stratos. Kawaiiiiiii~. For those who have watched IS, “Ichika no ecchi.”

hippiefreak: I have to agree, Charlotte is pretty awesome.  Why didn’t she make No.1? Well first off, liking a guy who happened to be a complete dumbass, and also that the other 2 contenders for the No.2 spot were kinda..flat.  Anyways, i don’t really share that view of liking her because she dressed as a guy.  To me, it was REALLLLY obvious (if it wasn’t, get your perceptions checked out).  She already LOOKS nice, Kana’s voice just made it better.  While Light has that “thing” for her cross dressing, i have a thing for her leeegs.  Oh dem legs, so fine.

[#3/#4] Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!

Light: Used to be my favorite anime character, and I was mindblown when I found out two of my favorite characters were voiced by Kana. She’s quiet, somewhat shy, and cold (anti-social). But she has those lovable feelings that every cute girl has. I especially love the opening of the series she’s in where she plays the piano.

hippiefreak: There was something fishy about Kanade, all this about knives and deflecting bullets.  Only at the end was she actually huggable.  Althought cute, she only warmed up around in the half quarter of the series and in the last episode, she acted completely out of character.  So the series could have been great, oh well.  Still cute and huggable, me and Light saw a little naughty (was it?) pillowcase with her on it.  Light vows that he will buy it the next time he sees it.

[#2/#3] Nadeko Sengoku from Bakemonogatari

Light: Cuteeeeeee~ I love her in the Bakemonogatari Opening 4: Renai Circulation. She’s like a lovable little imouto that you can squeeze and hug and rap— I mean hug some more. The snake bit was a little creepy and totally not hot, but you know. Live and learn.

hippiefreak: Gaahhhh so cuuuuute.  One of the very few lolis to actually break their way into my violent, gaming heart.  Like Light said, her song is so awesome.  She’s the little sister type who would never look at you in a wierd way and would compliment you no matter what.  She has the innocent, admiring, shy girl look and charm while having the maturing sense and womanly vibe to her.  A quote from another reviewer, “…I want to protect and bully her all at once.”

[#4/#1] Ruri Gokou from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai  (Oreimo)

Light: She’s actually an awesome character that I would like more. IF, and IF she didn’t wear that DAMN GIANT DRESS ALL THE TIME. Come on, people don’t wanna see you wearing a giant dress every time. Kirino wears stylish clothes, so you should too; she’s your rival, chica! I mean honestly, if you put on some skimpy clothes, you’d be like #2.

hippiefreak: Much like the reason i adore Chiharu from HnG, Ruri has the videogaming sense that i would love to find in my life someday.  However, like Light, i don’t really like that Gothic Lolita dress she goes wearing around.  Although it kinda adds charm to her, i like a lot better without that dress.  In the light novels, Kuroneko finally ditches that black dress and rather adopts a new name: Shironeko, matching the white dress Kirino (still a bitch) bought her.


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