Small Announcement


Hi, hippiefreak12 here with a few little announcements to make

School looms around the corner….

Well Light has school early next week while I start school late next week.

Because of that, you can expect our posts to be EVEN later than usual.  The effect has already taken its toll on Light who has 6 freakin episodes of fanservice and comedy to cover by next week.  While i just have a single episode to do 😀

By Fall, we’ll be covering some other shows too, but i think the Summer of 2011 is an accomplishment for 4 series in a season.  You might say that other sites cover almost every anime, but we don’t.  We don’t get paid for this nor we do just sit around blogging all day

And in an attempt to elongate this post and use this post to contain more pictures I wanted to take some time to talk about last season’s releases and their future with 2nd seasons.

Lets compare a series i relatively liked with a series i outright hated.  Lets compare Denpa (onna to seishun otoko) to Hidan no Aria

If you didn’t figure it out, i HATED Hidan no Aria, literally they tried to do too much with one character.  To add to that, the artwork was just god-awful.  Denpa was relatively interesting while the artwork was just gorgeous.  God it shined more than today’s vampires.  Hidan No Aria’s makers Tweeted that the 2nd season would be announced if the Blu-Rays sold well.  Thank the light they didn’t sell so well.

Although i AM sad that i won’t be seeing more of her, i can safely say that it is for the best

Woot, i’d settle for more of this.

Denpa’s makers said that they just needed a “little” more support for a second season.

Anyways, if you visit here often, i sincerely thank you for visiting us.

Announcement done, heres a picture so you people can regain some vigor in your tough lives (I have a few nice K-On! pics even though I don’t like the series itself)

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