The IDOLM@STER Episode 6 Review


Well I’m going to get this review done quickly, for no entire reason but to get it off my to do list, and possibley think of some posts to get rid of the extensive collection of pictures i want to share

If you haven’t checked out our Author’s Corner page, you would see that we went to Comic Con (not San Diego).  Other than that, lets just get this review doone

Well like the President said in the last episode, Ritsuko was off to the side and was promoting 3 select girls for her own project dubbed: Ryuuguu Komachi.  Apparently the group has been recieved extremely well and have full schedules, amazing compared to the rest of the job-less girls.  Otonashi happily exclaims that if Ritsuko’s project nails their show, they will be rich.  She continues saying that they will fix the crappy appliances in the office, Ritsuko stops her and says that instead of those “weak” upgrades, they’ll be rich enough to afford an entire building on the richer side of town.  While Ritsuko and Otonashi bask in all of Ritsuko’s glory of getting jobs, OUR Producer looks at his schedule and sees nothing but pre-made lines and dates.  The door opens and Azusa walks in



Honestly, that gives her more charm, and kinda crushes that “ditzy and airheaded” bit out of her.  Well just happens that the group Ritsuko was promoting consisted of Iori, Azusa, and Ami.  Interviewing begins for the 4 (Ritsuko’s here too)

Mmmm, chicken..

Interview goes on, Ritsuko states that these 3 girls balance each other out while another element played part in their grouping.  All their names relate to water. Haruka is taken aback, apparently her name goes with “water” too.  The other girls are suprised at the fact that the interviewer (whose also a friend of the President’s) is an actual reporter.  Yayoi (the poor one) thought that he was a drinking buddy of the Presidents.

Taking the “water” theme into immense consideration, Ritsuko had prepared a nice set of clothing reflecting that theme.

Miki tries some clothes out, but because she ain’t part of the group, she isn’t allowed to.  The 3 girls leave with Ritsuko for a appointment.  The Producer stresses over his current job  of not being able to find anyone a job.  He screams and tells everyone to pay attention

He (well tries to) make an epic speech on how they should try their hardest.  The only thing is, they would, if they had a JOB

After a fail speech, the Producer ends up in a conversation with Miki.  Miki is somewhat envious at the promotional work the other 3 girls had and wonders if she worked hard enough, she could wear fancy clothes and be a star.  While trying to answer her questions, the Producer finally gets some jobs down, but happens to be pretty busy and disorganized trying to give ALL of them jobs.  I WOULD love to go into detail on everryyyone who got their jobs.  But to make it simple and sweet, he got them jobs where they would be “extras”.  Jobs that the employers ask when they need a few more people to get their project done.  The Producer seems to be waaay to “formal” for most of the jobs.  Thus, due to the confusion some wrong jobs are given

  • Yayoi apparently has a fear of heights in an “Action” program
  • Takane is just too awkward
  • Aaaand some failed to show up

What happened was that Haruka and Hibiki finally got a good gig to perform for.  Thats why Hibiki couldn’t make it to the other appointment.  Lo and behold Miki who finally got off her naice ass to work and make herself useful and says that she wants to replace Hibiki.

The Producer goes off to see how Makoto and Miki are doing while Haruka and Hibiki assure him that they will be perfectly fine.  Much to the Producer’s expectation after a huge traffic jam, Miki and Makoto’s performance was a success.

Well the days ends off with some positivity.

The crew return to the building to see Ritsuko’s project debut on TV with a musical performance


Eh, not the worst i’ve seen

Summer break is almost done.  Bleh

Wait for next week, see ya

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