The IDOLM@STER Episode 4-5 Review


Another average episode

I actually thought, episode 4 would be better.  Episode 3 dealt with the androphobic girl (Yukiho), Episode 4 deals with the downer and semi depressive girl  (Chihaya), while episode 5 gave me something to gawk and drool over

EDIT: Sorry for being so late everybody, my comp had to get fixed and some new shit was installed while some of my ROMS and Emulators were deleted D: Well i’m back and heres IDOLM@STER Episode 4-5 enjoy, mostly episode 5 😀


Episode starts off with some directors directing 4 girls-wait frogs? Anyway the the four girls featured today are Haruka, Hibiki, Takane, and Chihaya.  They happen to be in a cooking show for this week’s episode, by the way, frog costumes are here.  Well before the show starts, they need to get chef costumes on, the Producer quickly tells them to get dressed

So wait, what does this have to do anything with singing.  Instead of singing, you girls are in frog suits and are cooking, while being asked questions by a yet another frog, it’s like a wierd “Frog Week” special on a Animal Planet  combined with Iron Chef.

Nevertheless, the girls goes with all the nonsense, until Chihaya finally breaks the ice to the Producer and asks, why are they doing these things. However, the Producer says that its all in the buisness and making more appearences and experience will get the job she dreams of.

If you actually WANT to see the nonsense going on, go ahead, but unfortunetly, i REALLY don’t want to, it’s basically a cooking show and as much as i love to eat (hah, thansk to gene coding, i rarely stack the pounds, i instantly gain and lose the next day)

But hower, Chihaya just decides to let off steam and sings outside, the Producer notices this and promises her that he will do his best to get everyone a singing career.  Seeing his determination, she apologizes for acting so negatively and promises him that she will try her best.  She actually tries to be hyped up for the cooking show

In the end, the girls nail the part, and they leave with the Producer, who promises them to buy them something.  Chihaya however decides to go home instead.

Episode 5, which was extremely delayed, if you want to know more about my absence (hell it was 3 days, but its worth writing about, at least for me), well here it is, frankly overdue because i was waiting for someone to produce high res pics of this fanservice full episode.

Anyway, a number of girls are stuck in the 765 building in the summer heat, the girls try to cool themselves off, while Iori, Yukiho, and Makoto listen to Iori’s scary story which happen to scare them both.  The Producer shows up with some ice cream, and Hibiki mentions back in her hometown, if the weather was too hot that would mean a trip to the beach.  The girls all get excited and propose to go to the beach.  The Producer however tells them that they cannot, however Otonashi and Ritsuki agree with the girls that they can indeed afford the trip, SO OFF WE GO

Miki goes in first, while the other girls follow

Haruka, twins, Makoto , and Hibiki all follow in as well.

Ritsuko’s hot, ahem moving on

Well, Chihaya just happen to turn her head to the right and guess what she sees

Woot, look at those double pairs

Take that Chihaya’s depressive mood, thats what you would have been blessed with if you weren’t so damn depressive

Well the girls just play from here, photo barrage time

Well thats enough for now,

Sunset arrives on our crew, and instead of staying at a fancy hotel, they settle at a small japanese beach esque beach house right next to it.  The girls after being in the water, decide to just relax in the hot springs the house provides.  We also switch to the 765 Pro Building to find Otonashi alone crying because she didn’t get to go.  Shame, i wanted her to be in the episode too.  Oh yeah she also gets called by the president saying a project was picked up

Oh yeah, before we move on to the house, they also decide to cook outside and light up some fireworks

Well remember, theres a huge ratio in girls to guys here, in short, all the attendees are girls while there are two guys, apparently the hamster is a guy so hes with the Producer in the seperate hot springs. However, Miki being the (sexy) ditzy girl she is, acidentally walks into the Producer’s bath. We also got to see Ritsuko without her glasses on too

Well the girls are seperated for now

Iori, Makoto, and Yukiho goes back to the beach to find Yukiho’s cellhphone, they also get creeped out by Takane.  Chihaya and Haruka talk. The Producer, Azusa and Ritsuko decide to just “relax” in another room.  Relax? Well not just drink

Well we learn that Ritsuko is actualy underage to drinking, which apparently caused Light’s head to be f*cked cause he couldn’t believe Ritsuko was that young.  Azusa gets drunk ( she’s still pretty 😀 )

After some talking, everyone goes to sleep.  Makoto, Haruka, Chihaya, and Iori talk about their hopes and dreams and the struggle they will face to become Number 1.

We skip to our last scene as the President of the Company arrives to tell Ritsuko (in front of everyone) of the new project she has been promoting dubbed: Ryuuguu Komachi

Episode ends here

I’m sorry for being so late, and for the lack of detail in this episode, but it’s a fanservice episode, just be happy i did anything.

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