Mayo Chiki! Episode 5 Review


Time to start this borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg episode of Mayo Chiki! Honestly, I don’t know why I’m even bothering to type all this. I could just tell you right now that this episode is the worst so far. Why? Cuz a new, unappealing chick shows up and annoys the fuck out of Jirou, Konoe, AND me.

To spare you your precious time, I will be kind enough to tell you this straight up.

If you are only here for the fan service, you can kindly get the fu-

Or you can scroll to the bottom instead for a quick summary of what happened.

The episode 5 review begins here.


K, the uploading of pictures took FOREVER. This is a boring episode, so I have a ton of pictures focused on interesting scenes. The episode starts out with girls sharing food, having fun, etc. Then a purple haired girl goes from the bathroom to the roof where she looks toward the distance and later sees Subaru. A couple of boring seconds later, the opening plays.

We see our protagonist heading toward school when a crazy ass girl on a motorcycle drops the bread in her mouth, looks away, and crashes into him. Here we go!

Jirou’s like WHAR ARE MAH GLASSES? Then, Jirou wonders if the girl who fell off the motorcycle is dead and inches near her, when she suddenly sits up and talks about what she should do now that she ran over a person. Apparently she didn’t notice him? Wataninja

Jirou spies his glasses… in between this chick’s legs. With this, she thinks he’s a pervert.

He asks if she can get it for him, much to her chagrin.

Jirou tries to get them back, which leads to the lewd chick kicking him. His glasses almost fall, but miraculously Jirou catches them and puts them on. The girl seems to recognize him as Kureha’s sister and begins beating him up.

Jirou gets beaten up and wakes up in a bed (at school, of course) with Subaru watching over him. She mentions that he was shouting things in his sleep such as:

After some boring talk, Jirou says he has a question for her. Konoe agrees to answer any question under one condition:

Jirou obviously agrees, and Jirou talks about the “first kiss”. Through a misunderstanding, Konoe gets the idea that he wants to redo a kiss with her. And…

Suzutsuki reminds Subaru that she is in school, and at school she is a male. Subaru apologizes, while Suzutsuki climbs on top of Kinjiro.

Suzutsuki is again just teasing him (by the way, Jirou gets a nosebleed). She came to tell him that his and Konoe’s class is doing a crossdressing cosplaying cafe. Eventually, Suzutsuki asks Jirou about a love letter. 

Suzutsuki, annoyed that he isn’t jealous, states nonchalantly, “I see.” She then asks Subaru what she would do if:

Grade A blackmail right there. The two females leave, much to Jirou’s relief, but he ends up chasing Usami (the purple haired chick; her name is revealed later in the episode). 

Ah… the classic line of every tsundere. ^

And this happens.

She tells Kinjiro that during the school festival there will be an all-out war between the factions of the S4: the original S4 and the boys love committee (I forgot the name; something like “Let’s warmly welcome Subaru-sama Committee”). So the reason why she wants him to go out with her is to destroy the essence of the boys love committee. Genius. /endsarcasm

She blackmails him with this picture above then puts her phone away.


Subaru comes along to the roof and notices the girl. Usami lies that the two are going out and are going to the festival together. Konoe asks if this is true, and since he is being blackmailed (to protect Konoe’s secret), he accedes with the claim.

YOU BISH YOU MADE SUBARU CRY! Then again, it’s all that Usami’s fault. Why, she should just die. We have no room for gay tsunderes here.

Starting from this, there are like 3-6 minutes of boring crap as Jirou and Usami go on boring adventures like shopping with each other and finally talking on a bridge. Blah, blah.

Hahahaha serves you right, homochick. Clever, eh? /sarcasm Anyway, the two eventually meet up on the bridge like I said and get all friendly with each other. They call each other first names and all. ZOMG DEVELOPMENT. Not really, she can just go **** herself.

The next day, school festival!

Konoe’s class is shown all dressed up and stuff for the festival (while Konoe is still wearing her butler uniform). Is she going to change into girls’ clothes? Meanwhile, some weird chick is staring at Konoe…

Spoiler (Highlight to view): The cat-eared student below is revealed on Wikipedia to be Nakuru Narumi, and she spies on Jirou and Konoe.

Quick summary for those who wanted fan service: Purple haired chick that looks like Kureha (but even uglier!) comes, and forces Jirou to become her date for the school festival (even though Jirou promised Konoe). She does all this bad shit to Jirou and wants him to help her win Konoe’s heart. Another fuuuuuuuuucking yuri, just go throw yourself off a cliff, mother fucker. Blackmailed, Jirou agrees to help her with whatever she needs help with which includes going to the festival as her date. Did I mention she’s a fanatic from the S4? Dammit, she just needs to die. NOW. Subaru finds out and runs away, pissed at him for making a false promise. Episode ends with the school festival beginning, and brown-skinned, animal-ears chick staring at Konoe.

All right, well that’s all for today. See you later~

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