Mayo Chiki! Episode 4 Review


Yo, all you anime nerds out there. Yesterday, I was forced against my will to go to the movies, and therefore I was physically immobilized and unable to express my love for this week’s Mayo Chiki! episode. The R-15 Episodes 3&4 Review will be up soon, as I am a lazy bastard who wants to watch his por— We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Wait what?

Without further ado, let us begin the Episode 4 review of Mayo Chiki!


Note: You can’t resist the sexiness.

The episode begins with Jirou staring a calendar, yelling, “Welcome, my Golden Week!” He eats some cup ramen, which Kureha dubs as ‘crap’ or something, when there’s a knock on his door. He opens the door to find Konoe with CAT EARS AND A TAIL. Subaru-nyan, as Suzutsuki later calls her.

So what happened was, Subaru was kicked out of Suzutsuki’s place and so she came to Jirou’s house. Jirou, understanding the situation, lets Konoe in. He then gives her some cup ramen which Subaru really likes (ALL WE ASIANS DO). She then tells Kinjiro that she will become his butler so that she doesn’t freeload. Jirou agrees and announces that he will go back to bed after this, and of course, Subaru must misunderstand the situation.

After this talk, Subaru realizes that he means to go back to sleep, which she cannot allow. She whips him into shape with some boxing (I think it was?). Afterwards, Kinjiro wants to take a bath, but Subaru does the laundry first. Right before she puts Jirou’s towel into the washer, she sniffs it:

Kinjiro walks in on her doing this, and Konoe is embarrassed although he didn’t even see it. -Later- Jirou gets in the bath, saying how great a morning workout is. Subaru comes in with a cute pink towel to wash his back.

A drop of water falls while she’s washing his back and it turns out like this: the legendary boobpress.

Directly after this incident, Kureha, who wasn’t supposed to come home for 3 days, guess what? COMES HOME. She was sent home for fighting a bear (sorry, I had pics, but I got lazy since this is already 29 pics). Kureha ended up breaking her arm. Jirou’s acting all nice to her, telling her to go to bed, but Kureha finds this:

Jirou’s like “HOLY !*@%*^(#!”. Yes, holy symbols. Moving right along past my bad joke, Kureha barges in and sees Konoe in the bathtub (she doesn’t realize she’s a man) and faints. Kureha kisses up to Konoe later when they’re all eating some cup ramen by pretending she loves cup ramen as well. All this shit happens, but what happened to the bra and undies problem…? Regardless, Jirou feels cold and shivers, and an uninvited guest named Suzutsuki appears behind him asking how he is cold after that hot bath. Fan service.

ZOMG SHE CAME! Yes, that might be intentional. But it’s still a turn on.

Suzutsuki wants to join in on the orgy fun and so she tries to become Jirou’s maid. YOU LUCKY BASTARD YOU. Jirou kicks her out in less than half a second.

DAMN YOU KINJIRO. SHE’S SO FUCKING HOT WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? Kinjiro says that he already has a butler, which causes Suzutsuki to begin a competition to see who’s better fit to serve the house. Suzutsuki gives Kureha a nice massage, but it’s lame so whatever. Skipped. Then Suzutsuki feeds him:


Konoe eats the apple, then goes in for mouth-to-mouth (as Suzutsuki calls it). Meanwhile, Suzutsuki is unimpressed and watching: while Kureha is like aklsdjfaosdhigalksdfj

Jirou faints, because he had a cold, and he wakes up to Kureha crying. Skipped the scene cuz it’s boring, just her crying. Konoe creates some labors/ordeals for Jirou to get better that are probably worse than Hercules’.

Now wasn’t that fun? Suzutsuki comes in and does this while Konoe is working on another ordeal (that never shows up):

…K… was hoping for something more sexy… but yeah. The following scenes are a bunch of shitty ass drama that NO ONE WANTS TO SEE, GET IT YOU PRODUCERS? Well, I’m sure that it had to be put in to actually keep the story going and an actual plot in place, but come on. So basically Jirou’s trying to get Konoe to go back to her father because they had a fight about how her father treated Jirou. Kinjiro has a dramatically bad cold that even makes him falter and barely able to move (what kind of cold can possibly do that? At least make it realistic). Suzutsuki tries to care for him by telling him not to move so much, but Jirou, being the ass he is, tries to look cool.

And that’s the end result. -Later- At school, Konoe talks to Jirou on the rooftop and ends up running away, embarrassed, after saying thanks.

Suzutsuki, being the ultimate ninja master of stalking and perversion, apparates right beside him (yes, Harry Potter). No, she walks out from some place she was standing on the roof. How the hell would you not notice that, by the way? She talks about that night where he stood up to her and says that he wasn’t such a chicken at that time. Jirou thinks he’s mocking her because she’s mad about him telling her to get out of his way. She admits it, and moves in for the kill. 

I’M GONNA SAY IT AGAIN. YOU LUCKY BASTARD KINJIRO. I should just stab you and cut you up into little piec— We are changing authors midway through due to the original author being in some… unforeseen circumstances. No, not really, but I really do want to take his place. I’m sure you all do. But Suzutsuki is unfazed and simply says:

Whaaaaaaaaaat. You kissed him just to see that? Rich chicks are great, aren’t they. Oh wait, that wasn’t it?

“You’ll have to take responsibility” is what most girls would say afterward. Or slap the guy. (Well if she hadn’t kissed him, anyway.) Bastard Kinjiro. Jirou voices that he thought Suzutsuki had loved Konoe as her first love, which Suzutsuki doesn’t deny. Instead, she goes on to give these words of wisdom I think every dumbass love-mourning girl should know:

Is this finally the beginning of a Suzutsuki x Kinjiro ending? I wish it could be Suzutsuki x Kinjiro x Subaru, but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen… he’ll probably end up with Subaru. I’m kind of depressed now, since Suzutsuki is so hot. Well, we’ll just hope for a Suzutsuki x Kinjiro ending. See you later~ 

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