Baka to Test to Shōkanjū Ni! Episode 3&4 Review


Hello! Your favorite yellow person here, off his lazy ass and here to type to you all about a series we all love and hate, Baka to Test!

I have to say, of the four episodes out right now, 3 and 4 were the better of the four (and 4 was the best).

So before we start this long-awaited review (excuse me for my laziness), let’s recap what happened in the previous episode (2). Actually, no. We’re just gonna move on, because episodes 2, 3, and 4 aren’t connected to each other. It doesn’t have a central plot, so it doesn’t really matter what happened last episode. But if you really wanna know, go read the review here

The episode 3 review begins here.


Today, we will be trying something new. Instead of me watching the episode and writing every single detail, I will instead use the pictures I previously took and recall the scenes by memory. If you think I am a lazy ass, then you are a fucking genius. It’s quite hard to review a comedy, as you can’t really bring the comedic aspect of the video into the review because.. well, it’s a comedy and it’s an anime. Motion pictures, people.

So the episode begins with Hideyoshi acting strange and Akihisa wondering what’s so different about him. He says, “You usually look more feminine and cute…”, which gets Hideyoshi radiating an evil aura. Where have we seen this before? The opening plays. The principal and some staff member are talking about what’s-her-face Yuuko, Hideyoshi’s twin, and how she is such an outstanding student. Meanwhile, Yuuko is reading a yaoi manga…? 

Hideyoshi comes home, and the twins exchange some useless banter about how Ms. Takahashi asked Yuuko to sing the anthem at school, to which Hideyoshi replies in horror, “But thou dost not have the slightest sense of scale or rhythm.”

Soon after, Yuuko comes up with the ingenious plan to swap places, as they are twins and Hideyoshi is actually good at singing. Since he acts, after all. Yuuko gives Hideyoshi a listening device (which she obtained by giving pictures of Hideyoshi/Yuuko to Voyeur) and the two begin their comedic adventure. Yuuko enters the classroom, where most of Class F is chasing after Sugawa, who touched a girl. On the Class F intercom, it is later announced that the girl is interested in Akihisa, which causes all of Class F to chase after him instead. -Later- Yuuko is listening to Hideyoshi’s conversation and hears Kubo talking about how they are so alike because they like reading same-sex genre.

Later, Yuuko hears something again. Hideyoshi is talking to Shouko, who warns ‘her’ that ‘her’ skirt is falling. He replies by saying, “It’s okay.” Because…

Then, Yokomizo comes along (random Class F member) and confesses to ‘Yuuko’. Hideyoshi rejects him kindly, saying,

This earns him another beating by Yuuko (3 times total). Yuuko comes back and meats Akihisa, who laughs that Yokomizo is being chased after by Class F. Yuuko feels bad for him for about 2 seconds until Akihisa tells her that Yokomizo tried for Yuuko AFTER being rejected by Hideyoshi. Yuuko and Akihisa then go to watch Hideyoshi sing as Yuuko (very confusing, I know) as some pretty music plays in the background. Watch the video. K?

Akihisa complements Yuuko, thinking Hideyoshi is beside him. You’d think he knew he was next to Yuuko. Well, if he wasn’t a total BAKA, that is. He’s complementing her, and Yuuko is getting all shy (is she falling for him? Yes! I love it when girls fall for the main character). Suddenly, Akihisa says, “That’s why it’s a shame.” The sentence is followed by:

At home, the twins reflect on the day. Hideyoshi has heard rumors about his chest getting bigger. Yuuko has heard rumors about her being into girls and small boys, going without undies. Hmm…

After this scene, it seems the twins are going to fight each other, but they have a fight mentally (where they simply stare at each other) then decide to get over it and drink tea. How wonderful would it be if the whole world was like that?

Now, we head back into the past 1 year. I purposely skipped a 2-4 minute scene, which was really boring. Well, there was this one funny part where the teacher checks everyone’s items (and confiscates if necessary). Yuuji gets his mp3 taken away. Before he gets checked, Akihisa lectures the teacher about how he should have more trust in them, but drops his PSP. This is how it goes:
Akihisa: You ought to have more trust in-
-PSP falls-
Yuuji: Hey, Akihisa, you dropped your PSP.
Akihisa: Oh, thanks, Yuuji. -Pockets PSP- You ought to have more trust in me! 

Later in the flashback, it was the summons test thing where the students summon their beings for the first time. Himeji is admired by Akihisa, and Akihisa talks about how they were friends in elementary school but don’t talk anymore. Akihisa is walking home when he sees Himeji walk into a shop. He stalks her inside to see a bunch of fluffy dolls! Akihisa sees a girl who’s on the verge of tears and tries to help her.

So she’s trying to get her sister a doll. She resembles Shimada, but I don’t think she’s Shimada’s sister. The doll costs 25,000 yen, which crushes Akihisa’s hopes (thinking he could help her). The little girl reveals that she has 10,000 yen. Meanwhile…

He says, that’s about half of 25,000 yen…

And with that, the shopkeeper and the little girl realize that he is a total idiot. The shopkeeper promises to hold onto the doll, while Akihisa and the little girl go to a park and attempt to find a solution. Akihisa remembers that his confiscated stuff should be around 25,000 yen (which is actually quite a lot, $324.50 as of 7/30). He tells her to meet back at the park tomorrow. A girl with long, pink hair is watching them. Hmm… herpaderp. At school, Akihisa asks his 3 friends for help in raiding Ironman’s locker. He throws a bucket of water at Ironman, who dodges. This forces Akihisa to reveal his true intention and smacks the bucket on Ironman’s head. Ironman takes off his jacket, while Akihisa steals his keys. He takes back the confiscated items along with some old books he finds on top of the locker.

The next day, he goes back to the park with the giant doll strapped on his back. The little girl tells him that a nice girl had bought her a mini version of the doll to give to her sister should Akihisa not be able to get the doll. If he does, then the little girl would get to keep the mini doll. Akihisa says that the doll is hers then, taking off the doll on his back. The little girl is happy, and asks Akihisa to bend down a little. And…

The girl tells him thanks, saying that he’s an idiot, but a very kind one. She promises to make him her husband in the future, which leaves Akihisa stunned. Lolicon. Meanwhile,

At school, this dialogue goes on:

Ironman: It seems someone stole all the confiscated items and my old books. He had the nerve to display his student ID where he sold them. What do you think about this, Yoshii?
Akihisa/Yoshii: The  thief sure had guts!
Ironman: He sure did!

Both: Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

And this is how he became…

End of episode 3.

The episode 4 review begins here.

So… WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? You might ask. Akihisa responds by laughing Himeji’s question off as a joke. She asks again, and Akihisa nervously laughs it off once more. The third time, she is dead serious, and he wonders how it came to this.

Long story short, Akihisa sucked at Bullshit, the card game. And he lost money because of it (apparently he fails at lying). So he rechallenges Yuuji, Hideyoshi, and Voyeur to Bullshit, Class F Rules. The only difference between regular bullshit and Class F’s version is that the game ends when someone ends up with 2 cards. Much more efficient/quicker. For idiots.

For those that don’t know how to play Bullshit, go to google and search it. Because I’m not going to explain a card game in an anime review.

They’re betting money, by the way. Did I mention that? It’s Akihisa’s turn, and he says, “My turn, right? Fo-” He is interrupted by all three of his friends, who yell out “bullshit.” Akihisa whines like a little girl that he didn’t even get to finish, but the others reason that it was written all over his face.

The intense game of Bullshit continues. Himeji interrupts by walking into the room. She brings some chocolates or something, saying that she got them as a reward for helping out. Just who did she get them from? The four guys, not wanting to spoil her pure heart, don’t tell her that they are betting, but instead tell her that they are playing a penalty game (loser strips). Himeji imagines Akihisa and Hideyoshi stripping together like yaoi lovers and says that this is blasphemous. Hideyoshi replies, “‘Tis no need to be angry, Himeji. We’re all men here-” The other three guys yell:

and they push the stack of cards toward Hideyoshi. Looks like Hideyoshi lost the lead (he was winning with 4 cards left). Himeji eats a chocolate and tells them the gang should all share and eat the chocolates. When she eats it, she turns all silent and grave (you know, when an anime character’s eyes are covered by a shadow). The game continues for a while longer until Hideyoshi loses, meaning he has to strip. Akihisa and Voyeur automatically get a nosebleed even before he takes anything off. Before Hideyoshi can strip, though, he falls, ‘asleep’, on the ground.

The fuck…? What’s with the handkerchief? Chloroform…?! Yuuji and Akihisa both question Himeji, saying Kinoshita/Hideyoshi was fine, to which Himeji replies smiling (very eerily) that she must have been very tired. Voyeur attempts to question her a third time, but she attacks him faster than a ninja. Himeji laughs, “It looks like Tsuchiya was very tired too.” Although the two guys try to escape Himeji’s drunken behavior, Shouko sneaks in, and the two girls force the boys to continue the game. Himeji is drunk on whatever the substance is (alcohol?) and Shouko is drunk on obsessive love. With this not just a game anymore, the two guys communicate with eye signals. 

Himeji somehow knows what the two have exchanged and cuts their plan short. Akihisa tries to come up with a plan to win (or not to lose at least) when Kubo appears in the window and points toward something he wrote. He wrote that the last card Himeji played, 7, is bullshit.

Sadly enough, what he does not realize is that Kubo WANTS him to strip. If you’re as dumb as Akihisa and don’t realize what that means, it means that Kubo was LYING. -Later- Himeji announces that she is having second thoughts about the game. Akihisa sympathizes, saying that friends shouldn’t fight like this. Himeji, on the other hand, is thinking about something else. She is worried that Akihisa will become an internet idol. Akihisa interrupts with awesomely-accented English, saying, “Just a moment, Himeji!” (It actually sounds like “Just a momenta, Himeji-san!”) Himeji continues by saying that she doesn’t intend to let Akihisa off with just a girl’s uniform. Shouko adds,

Does this mean…? Nah, I guess not. It’s a comedy series, after all. The boys continue to lose. Himeji tells the boys, smiling, that it is their turn to play a king, and that when they play it, she will call bullshit. Akihisa weeps and takes the pile of cards. The game continues until Shouko plays her final card, a 6. With nothing to lose but their petty pride, the guys call bullshit. Shouko slowly reveals the card… to be a 6. The guys make a break for it and ask Ironman for help.

What happens next is not shown; instead, we are already onto the next day. Obviously the H was censo-lolwat. The next day, the old lady principal comes in and announces that Class F will be conducting a test run for summoned beings. Why Class F? Because if anything went wrong, it’d be a problem if the school lost its good students. Guinea pigs. 

WAIT WHAT? HIMEJI’S IN CLASS A? WHEN THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN? I’m pretty sure that in season 1, Himeji denied entrance into Class A (not putting her name purposely on the exam). WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Moving on, although I’m still very confused, Akihisa refuses to help her with the excuse that it already sucks being the punishment inspector. She threatens him with the incident earlier, running around in his underwear, but generously gives the class and its testers meal tickets and library cards. What’s so special about library cards?

Long story short, the summoned beings can talk (OMG!) and they embarrassingly reveal all of the owners’ secrets. Hideyoshi’s reveals that a bunch of boys ask him out even outside of school.

Shimada’s almost reveals that she likes Akihisa. Every time mini Shimada tries to tell Akihisa she likes him, Shimada punches Akihisa and scolds her being.

Akihisa is trying to think of a way to escape this hell. Himeji, wanting to know Akihisa’s deepest and darkest secrets, tricks Akihisa into reading “Phosphorous Monoxide” (Phosphoru-sumon-oxide in Japanese pronunciation). Himeji smiles and says, “Yes, that’s close enough!” With the word, ‘summon’, Akihisa’s being is summoned. When he realizes the two characters in the picture below, he screams, “SHIT!”

Meanwhile, Yuuji has also been tricked into summoning his being. As the two argue about who is stupider, Kudou steps in. Voyeur’s being tries to warn them, “Hurry… run… away…”, but it is too late. Kudo tells the boys that she’s not wearing any shorts under her skirt today.

Akihisa: Why would we care-
Akihisa’s Being: Please let me under your skirt!
Akihisa: …about that?
Yuuji: That’s right. You can’t-
Yuuji’s Being: Hold it! I’m first!
Yuuji: …fool us that easily. 

The other three girls, Himeji, Shimada, and Shouko are all ticked off. They experience “technical difficulties” and return with a big bump on Akihisa and Yuuji’s heads. Kudou continues to tease them by saying that she didn’t have time to put on a bra today.

Akihisa & Yuuji: Please let us be!
Their beings: You’re not wearing a bra? -Leap toward Kudou-

Shouko steps toward Yuuji and forces his face into her breasts. She asks if he likes it, and Yuuji attempts to deny it but his being leaps around in joy. Akihisa laughs at what a pervert Yuuji is, and yet his being is praising Yuuji’s being, telling him how jealous he is of Yuuji’s luck. Akihisa gets scolded, while Yuuji gets a faceplant in boobs. What’s with that? Akihisa, Shiamda, and Himeji are still in the room (Yuuji and Shouko are gone to do whatever). The two girls scold him, but Shimada’s being gets in the way, so Shimada makes a fast break for it as well. Now that that two are alone, Himeji asks if there is someone Akihisa likes. He asks why she is asking (so dense!). She tells him that she is dumb in situations like these and asks him again. In the meantime, Akihisa has devised an ingenious plan!

Himeji asks again, and Akihisa responds with a muffled voice, “Her name’s Salmon. She’s in Class G.” Himeji responds by saying:

Gee, what does ‘salmon’ sound like? Poof. Himeji’s being appears, and Akihisa says that they can now continue their conversation because she must also have secrets. Himeji denies this, saying that she doesn’t have any secrets. On the other hand, her SUPER ADORABLE AND CUTE being says, “Just now, when you were thinking dirty things, I was thinking stuff as well…” Her SUPER ADORABLE AND HUGGABLE being gets all embarrassed (I WANNA HUG IT). Himeji screams, “No!!!!!!!!!!!!” as all girls do. The principal walks back into the classroom later, to find… this.

As expected from Class F. And that is how the episode ends.

This bit is a short extra after the ending song, with a girl’s being confessing her love to Kubo, and Kubo’s being expressing his love for Akihisa. Awkward…

Well, that’s FINALLY it for today. At 2736 words, see you later~

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