the IDOLM@STERS Episode 2-3 Review


Was lazy a few weeks ago, lets finish this quick so i don’t have to do two eps.

Well the episodes starts with small girl troupe (the twins, Iori, and Yayoi) coming back from an audition.  They enter their building only to find Otonashi (the green haired secretary) hanging up the phone with the lights all out, all of the idols have apparently failed their auditions.  The new pimp Producer questions why such things have been happening

Just so happens that the girls completely failed their promotional pictures.  While the girls explain about the pictures, Ritsuko comes through the door with a suprise for them, matching stage clothes. While the girls are excited, the producer and Otonashi beg for Ritsuko’s advice.  At first she rejects the idea of retaking shots, but she realizes that they are on hot water.  The girls plead for the retakes, Ritsuko isn’t completely bought, however Otonashi refers to it as an “investment”

When a (hot) smart looking secretary has money in her eyes, you know its gonna be a good idea.  And what do you know, it is, Ritsuko’s pumped up for another go at the promo pictures.  The other girls get called to come back to the studio to gather up before the big shooting (no not the postal ones, the sexy shootings).  Well while the regular girls get ready, the starting four girls are having a discussion.  They’re kinda bummed out how they don’t get some special treatment. Iori (the annoying one) states a (true) fact that they are a lower tier because of their not so attractive bodies.  They need to be more..standout as they say

I doubt they will reach A, unless they hit a major growth spurt.  During the photo shoots, those four girls happen to notice Azusa, and they promptly realize what they lack is sex appeal.  The four girls gather some magazines and try to emphasize as much as they can.  Whilst doing so, Makoto and Yukiho walk in

They start crying by the way

Well the chaos follows the photoshoot as the 4 girls who over-exaggerate on the sex appeal part completely fail (its hideous i don’t even want to post it).  Anway, while all that is going on, the photos that were already done were given to Otonashi.  The photos get a postitive response, we switch back to the to photo shoots.  The mess the girls caused are cleaned up (they used some round material to emphasize the chest, but that didn’t go so well.  The Producer tries to help them with some creative ideas for clothes they could use.  Miki arrives on the scene, and readies herself for her photoshoot.  The other girls watch to see how each girl emphasizes themselves

It’s Haruka’s turn after this.  She manages but she falls, but just so happens that she still looks nice when she makes a mistake.  To be honest, Miki’s was the only interesting photoshoot (don’t worry Haruka, i like you over the other girls too, hell i like most of them anyway) Well the other photoshoot that needs mentioning is Makoto’s, whose pose makes the female photo operator faint.

In the end the photoshoots were a sucess, Episode 2 ends off here after a few more conversations of course.

Episode 3 happens to focus on Yukiho’s androphobia.  In the anime, or at least in the subs they call it gynophobia.  Gynophobia is the fear of women while androphobia is a fear of men which basically Yukiho has.  Hell if she was gynophobic, she would be dead by now.

The majority of her life

Well it looks like i have another character to despise.  Well not despise, Yukiho is a nice character but her constant fear and complaints leave me quite annoyed.  Guess whose at the bottom of the list in this series eh?

Our (99%) female crew and the one anomoly (producer) finally get a gig high up in a mountain village.  Yukiho keeps getting scared of every guy she meets even BEFORE she even gets to their destination.  When they get their, guess what, more guys.  She gets freaked out even more.  To top it off, she happens to be scared of dogs too.

Make up your mind with what i cannot touch

To tell the truth, this episode focused on Yukiho and mostly her struggles of fearing men and dogs.  The majority of the episode is just her screaming and running away.

Ineveitably, the big concert arrives, and its Haruka, Makoto, and Yukiho who have to perform.  Yukiho predictably runs away at the site of all the guys.  However, the Producer decides to help her, cause he’s probably the only  guy who she isn’t completely scared of.  Producer manages to (see what i did there?) encourage Yukiho to get up in the stage to sing her heart out.  He promises to keep her safe from all the guys and that small little dachshund in the crowd.

While all this is going on, Miki puts on a half drunk asleep comedy performance

Sleepy, nice looking, funny, the combo chain is racking up

And she does just that, he kinda screams, backs down for a little, but gets up once again to sing.  Unfortunetly, i can’t find a way to post that song here.  Go watch that episode.  In the end, the entire town screams in praise and admiration.  The concert was a success.  In the end of the episode, Yukiho thanks the Producer for helping her get over her fears.  Also happens that the Producer is scared of dogs too

Meh, in my opinion, boring episode with a noisy girl who can’t stop screaming.  But thats just me.

And if im not mistaken, this week’s episode will be about Takane, greaaat, just get the wierd ones dealt it then go for the awesomness

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