Top 5 from To Love Ru


I literally remembered this series while i was talking to Light on harems.

Well I couldn’t find ones I actually liked.  To Love Ru was just filled with “accidents” with our (freakishly immasculine) male lead Rito.  I decided to choose 5 instead when there were totally more girls to choose, but it just didn’t feel right.


#5 Rin Kujou

Remember the annyoing blonde girl Saki? The one who laughs a lot?  Well she has a 2 more friends with her who always accompany here.  Thats right, one of the side character’s side characters made my list.  Why? Well she reminds me of Number 1 a bit down this post.  Plus she carries a sword.  I hope the author makes a major arc in the minor characters on day

HELL YEA! Hot character, she needs to be a part of the harem and join in more often. She could replace Saki ez.

#4 Sairenji Haruna

Couldn’t find a decent pic with just Haruna, besides, more girls, stop complaining.

Like most series, i usually either love the main female lead, or utterly despise them.  Take for example Himari from Omamori, and Ui from Hoshizora.  Well going back to topic.  Lala in TLR, was just too “energetic” and wasn’t the “romantic” type.  She was just the dumb girl who just liked the main character.  Thats why i prefered Haruna over Lala.  I would take quiet, shy, and romantic over energetic, ditzy, and dumb.

Oshizu was just pretty and awesome, i just had to add her here too, because i don’t have  single shot of her, she counts as number 3 as well

I’d tap that too. She’s a shy, cute EARTHLING as opposed to an alien. Then again, the alien component makes it all the more erotic. Still, Haruna’s still an awesome character. But you know, I’d take the sister.

#3 Run Elsie Jewelria

After the release of the latest To Love Ru Darkness chapter, Run has finally been seperated with her male counterpart Ren.  I was initially put off by the fact that she was part guy too, unlike Light whos into those kinda stuff.  In the most recent chapter, she actually showed some character as she showed sadness when she started crying because she would never end up with Rito if the male counterpart still existed in her.  All is well now.  Hey, she’s a good looking character, and now has a little more “character”, a teeny tiny bit compared to most of the other girls atleast.

I don’t know, the fact that she was also Ren kind of put me off too, although normally I wouldn’t really mind. Oh well. She’s a girl now, 100% female. Another harem candidate, no?

#2 Konjiki no Yami

Even the icy demeanor of Yami “warms” up

Even for the “galaxy’s most” dangerous assassin, Yami is pretty damn…huh.  Looks like i can’t decided between cute and hot.  Either way, Yami is rarely seen in the series when Lala or her damn sisters screw something up.  But when she does appear, the main dude usually lands a perfect  landing straight at her chest/in front of panties/.  Yami gets a little more screentime in Darkness (which is a followup to the main series, only it contains EVEN more nudity and hell, even full blown yuri scenes).  Did i mention she can turn her body parts into weapons? QUICK, get all the S&M stuff before she learns about them.  God knows what a young lady (who likes somebody) can do when she can turn parts of her body into ANYTHING.

“Erm… just no thx. Not my style.” Is what I thought until I saw that cop costume. Then I was like dayumm. Idk other than that pic (and like 1-2 more) she’s not appealing to me.

#1 Kotegawa Yui

Oh man, even i think i went a little overboard..

Yui is probably the EXTREMLY few tsunderes i will ever like.  What makes her “tsun” so tolerable? she doesn’t beat the main character.  She just yells, and that is perfectly reasonable.  Look ladies, beating up on guys won’t really attract them to you, unless they are masochists.  Yui happens to be more prettier than Haruna (because Yui has longer hair and finer ass legs) while having a little less “hard to get” attitude of Yami.  She’s also student rep or council president, i forget cause the new manga takes forever to update.

Oh god. HNNG MY BALLS. I’d tap that yesssss. Long hair, long legs, fine body. Mm… -fantasizing going on DO NOT DISTURB- K this is a winner. Gogo Yui! Probably my #1 I would think.


Go Kyouko!

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