Mayo Chiki! Episode 3 Review


How fare thee all on this fine weekend? ‘Tis a charming day for a cup of tea, no? Doth thou— FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU GIVE ME A DAMN REVIEW ALREADY

K, got it. Let’s start Mayo Chiki’s Episode 3, shall we?

Recap of Episode 2: Kinjiro goes out on a date with Konoe, wins her a sheep plushie, takes her home, has sex with her—

No, but he does go on a date with her. They grow closer to each other and little by little Kinjiro is curing his gynophobia. Kinjiro’s sister falls in love with Konoe, which could prove to be a problem, seeing as she might be slightly interested in yuri.

The episode 3 review begins from here.


So the episode starts off with Kinjiro being picked up by Subaru. His sister, Kureha, comes out of the shower naked, and since she thinks Konoe is a guy, freaks out. First of all, why is she fine with coming out naked in front of her brother? Personally, I’d push her down. Then help her up, of course! Surely you weren’t thinking other things. With Kureha’s screaming, the opening plays.

Scene switch to rooftop of school. Suzutsuki is trolololol-ing at Kinjiro over what happened recently. Kinjiro expresses his concern about his sister who supposedly has not come to school, but Suzutsuki tells him not to worry. And ho, she’s right! Kureha jumps on Kinjiro (figuratively) and asks what Konoe said about her underwear.
A/N: I guess she wasn’t naked, and I just used three names that start with K in that sentence.
She comes to the conclusion that Subaru is into boys’ love, muttering “boys’ love!” and asks Kinjiro if he is going out with Subaru. Suzutsuki needlessly interferes and claims that Subaru loves Kinjiro! She then tells Kureha not to worry because she is going out with Kinjiro. Wait.. what? (Refer back to picture at the top). Kureha asks for proof, and Suzutsuki tells her that Kinjiro has a birthmark on his side. She asks how Suzutsuki knows, and she replies by saying:

Trolololol. And she’s not lying, since she really did discover it in the bed. Which, by the way, is the title of this episode. In the bed. She discovered it in the hospital bed (refer to episode 1). Suzutsuki gets Kureha to eventually worship her because she’s that pro of a boss. Yes, pro of a boss. She suggests a double date, and that’s what happens.

Switch scene to date-area. As he sees Konoe and Suzutsuki, Kinjiro calls out to them, to which Konoe replies by sticking a gun in his mouth. Apparently it’s a modified stun gun that can possibly kill people…? The double date group splits to enter the changing rooms. There’s a slight problem. There are half naked guys in there, and Subaru is shy.

“Close your eyes”… so I can take you home, tie you up, and— I mean, let’s go and change. After some short, boring talk between Kinjiro and Subaru, the pair head out to the pool. Suzutsuki shows up with Kureha, looking as hot as ever. All the guys are checking her out (including Kinjiro).

Then Kinjiro checks out Kureha’s figure… and sighs. The ultimate insult. Kureha tries to act all cute by lying that she can’t swim and asks Subaru to teach her. Konoe is overprotective today, and when she leaves with Kureha, Jirou asks why she is so careful here. A flashback to when Konoe and Suzutsuki were smaller, apparently the two were kidnapped at this place. Subaru felt it was her fault, which caused a rift between the two’s friendship. 

Lots of fun things at the pool happen, and lo. Maybe Suzutsuki really does like Jirou…? The group comes back together (they split up to play at the pool), only to split up once again when Suzutsuki asked Jirou and Subaru to get some drinks. Some meaningless chatter goes on, but this will show up later so: Subaru mentions that she had a fight with her dad because she told him that Kinjiro touched her breasts and had a nosebleed. He says to bring that shitty four-eyes over, so that he can beat the shit out of him. Konoe says it in such a monotonous tone. Lolololol poor Kinjiro.

The two then sight a girl who’s drowning, and Kinjiro dives in to save her while Konoe gets help. He saves her and gets a nosebleed (even though she’s a little kid). I don’t get it, but the water level is up to his waist. Either he’s EXTREMELY tall, or the kid is EXTREMELY short. Or this is an anime. I pick the latter. Kinjiro faints. He has a short dream about his dad, who tells him to become a person who can ask a girl to ‘stand by me’. He wakes up and Konoe expresses how she was worried about him. While still being somewhat tsundere. A little boy hands her a phone that she dropped, and a kidnapper calls. 

I guess you better go save her? The kidnapper pulls out a knife, which causes Subaru to falter (because she’s afraid of them). Kinjiro knocks Konoe out with a punch to her gut and acts all cool and heroic by going alone. 

Scene switch to kidnapped place. Bunch of random fighting, and amidst it, Subaru wakes up and runs after Jirou. Jirou’s about to die, but Subaru saves him (which is pretty sad seeing as he went through all that trouble to act cool and go alone). She beats the bad wolf guy up, and rescues Suzutsuki. Emotional reunion moment right there. Not really. The bad wolf guy returns (he must be immortal to survive a punch from Konoe) and reveals himself to be:

No wonder he beat the shit out of Jirou. Jirou faints and ends up in the Suzutsuki household. Subaru’s father is waiting for him and claims he was holding back.

Suzutsuki later comes in and reveals this was all a ploy by her to prove Subaru’s worthiness. The reason why Subaru is so insistent on becoming a butler is revealed as well; since there was no male butler born to serve Suzutsuki, Konoe’s father would have to remarry to bear another child. Konoe didn’t want this, so she become Suzutsuki’s butler. Suzutsuki then reveals that she was the person who did the strange wolf’s voice.

You know, I never realized it before this picture, but Suzutsuki’s pretty cute/hot. She expresses her gratitude and tells him that she loves Subaru.

WAIT. WHAT? EVEN ELECTRONIC BRAIN PANCAKE CRYSTAL ELDERLY HOLY YURI. Subaru comes in as Suzutsuki leaves and cries over how worried she was for him.

K, we’ll save the emotional crap that goes on for another time and continue right along. Kureha bursts in, thanks to a small warning by Suzutsuki that Kinjiro may be violating Subaru. She then shouts at him about going after Subaru while he is dating Suzutsuki, with which Subaru turns from weak and crying to intimidating and cruel.

Kinjiro jumps out the window, saying ‘I’ll be killed!’. He meets Suzutsuki and yells at her for setting him up again. She doesn’t deny it, but says ‘You shouldn’t say it like that.’ Jirou takes her as his “hostage” and they run off together. Suzutsuki seems to be enjoying herself and asks about his gynophobia. Seemingly, Subaru is worse than that. I really hope Kinjiro ends up with both Konoe and her. Subaru and Kureha are chasing after them. Kinjiro blames this on Suzutsuki, saying that this is all because she always spouts nonsense. Suzutsuki retorts by saying that she’s told the truth too. Like how Subaru was her first love. HOLY YURI X 100. Kinjiro cries out, ‘Girls really are scary!’

That’s all for this episode. See you later~

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